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We have created this space to share with you how we become a successful, self-sustaining family working towards enjoying our extraordinary lives!

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We are passionate about saying YES!
Together we stopped being afraid of the opportunities around us and built up the courage to, over and over, take leaps of faith when we knew they could serve our family. Scary as it was at first, we survived the jumps. Then, we started noticing more opportunities were presenting themselves all the time. 

They say what you focus on in your life you become abundant in and in just a few short years we went from eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because we had to, to paying off three major debts all within the same year we welcomed our daughter into the world. 

When we started putting faith into each other, when we started taking risks together, that was when we knew we were going to live extraordinary lives!
Above all else, we have always put our marriage first which has taught us invaluable lessons we now bring into our business and our parenting. Marriage and business sure teach you a lot about a person, we’re really glad to have had that experience under our belt before the surprise of a lifetime, we became parents to the most beautiful and hilarious little girl, Macy J 

Passionate about living life on your own terms, we coach others through healing trauma with the help of incredible professionals, we offer 1-on-1 coaching (or rather, 2-on-2) for couples looking to focus and hone in their communication skills to better their partnership. We also have a 30-day program to help reset your body so you can build the sustainable energy you need to be the best version of yourself. You need to be strong and healthy in order to live your best life.

We remember wanting an extraordinary life but not knowing what to do next... 

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