When The Water Rises

We want to be able to always say yes instead of having to say no.

The reality is we aren’t where we want to be yet. Cue the ever popular ‘whoever said money doesn’t buy you happiness’ didn’t consider the perspective of those who still must cave to the necessity of making enough to just get by. Do you hear the the little voices inside your head that say, “they’re right”? Or do you hear a voice screaming, “NO!”?

How heartbreaking is the thought of closing your eyes so you don’t see the beautiful things you want that are out of your reach? Should the lesson be to walk blind folded? Or should we strive to achieve greatness and reach further for longer?

When does the bough break?

We were nearing our breaking points when we first met and what’s worse than one person reaching their breaking point?


When you are forced to say no to something that you want because of an obligation to a job or some form of making money in order to live, or maybe even to survive, you are forced into making a sacrifice you didn’t choose. This is where the mindset of being unworthy of a better life has the best chance of taking hold of us. We’re vulnerable to our current situations. That’s when a choice presents itself but we’re often too busy licking our wounds to pay any notice.

After many years of pushing against resistance we realized, just before we were married, that many of the hard or challenging parts of our lives were met with us putting our foot down or digging our heels in. It was more important for us to have the final say than to swim around an obstacle while enjoying the ride downstream. This pinnacle moment changed our lives. We stopped wedding planning, we canceled everything, we re-planned an entire wedding that had taken us nearly 1.5 years to put together and everything fell into place within 5 days. We began to think about other areas in our lives that we’d pushed against something too hard and let it all go.

We made huge changes. We got married (and it was the best two wedding days of our lives!) and then immediately afterwards we started a business together. Six months later we stopped making excuses and finally moved to a place we’d dreamed of moving to when we retired. We stopped swimming (desperately) upstream. We stopped having to say no and we started getting used to saying yes. The water was rising so we got ourselves a boat.

Even in business as we grow there are far more things we have to say no to than the ultimate alternative; the end goal of yes’. What drives and motivates us is grand and will allow us the privilege of never having to say no to something we want ever again. For now we’re going to remember that we’re not saying no, we’re saying soon.

With Purpose,

T & C


10 Comments on “When The Water Rises

  1. It is like you’ve taken a peek into my life right now! We are most definitely at this point – and I’m so ready for that mindset shift. Lay it on me, universe! 😉 It is huge that you were able to embrace such big changes – to wedding and lifestyle – to boost you to where you wanted to be. High five, that is awesome! I’m hoping that I can say the same very soon!

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    • What an awesome message, thank you Tana! You’re already well on your way it sounds like, too! Glad we connected on the journey, and like you said: Lay it on me, Universe!!


  2. Love removing the resistance and definitely getting rid of excuses. We do need to swim with the current in life not against even though there will be times it feels like we are going against the current. Live loud, Bold Voice, and SURRENDER! I admire the two fo you, doing just that! xx

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  3. It’s hard to say no, but sometimes it definitely does the trick and in doing so opens up way more possibilities. Love your attitude and approach to life!

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    • It can be very difficult to say no, especially if you are sensitive to guilt. That’s a trigger for me so I’m working on understanding why I feel that way, and saying no becomes that much easier.


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