Stepping Stones

Over the summer last year we were looking through house designs on Pinterest trying to see if we could find the exact image of what we’d been visioning for our dream home. We each had clear thoughts of what specific parts of the house looked like, but obviously no way to show each other what we’d come up with since neither of us mastered anything more than stick figure drawings.

After spending years and months and weeks in the past searching for just the right fit we both said, “THERE!”. There it was, this house that looked nothing like we’d imagined but was everything we wanted and more. It was just right there and we both knew it the second it came into focus.

We envisioned a small walkway that separated two sides of the home; one for entertaining and another for living in. The house still had the picturesque-ness of the A-Frame/cabin style but with a modern twist that I think we both craved a teeny tiny bit of. What was most important when we first saw this image was that we had planned a gathering in our home within minutes and had already built LIFE into what this photo was showing us. We could already imagine us living our lives in this house. It was our Dream Home.

Dinner Party.jpg

So last night we stopped adding photos of the outside of homes to our Dream Home board on our Pinterest account. Our Dream Home has a face.

The next step is one we are so excited to be ready for. We found a site quite similar to Pinterest called Houzz that was recommended to us from a vendor at the Home And Garden Show in Calgary, AB a couple of years ago. It’s similar to Pinterest in that you select photos to add to different boards you can categorize and what not. How it differs, though, is that you can actually find companies or manufacturers who sell each of the items you’re looking for and you actually become invested in the intricate details that give character and personality to the bigger picture. For instance, one of the light fixtures we were looking at a while ago that we have saved in our Houzz account popped up today when we signed in to let us know that the seller has put this item on sale. How cool is that?

If we all took life in these stepping stones, think of the dreams we’d actually get to live out? Does Pinterest seem silly to you? Take a few days, weeks, months and think of one thing you really have to dream real big for and take our Pinterest challenge the way we did. Look at everything. Poor a glass of wine with your spouse and sit on the couch together. Search, “Dream House”. Put your plan on a dream board and let it actually transform into the realness it CAN be if only you let it.

Sometimes you can’t even see the next stone until you take the next step. The good news is you can always turn around but you won’t, because you’re not going that way.

With Purpose,



10 Comments on “Stepping Stones

  1. I love Pinterest but have never fully understood what Houzz was all about. Now that I understand more about it, I definitely want to try it out! Congrats on landing on your dream home – I hope you’re able to get it to come to fruition very soon!

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    • Houzz was a bit confusing for us at first, too. We really like that it links to actual products and it’s sort of reminiscent of an app for Home Depot haha! “Ooh! I like that! Oh look, here’s where I buy it!”

      It’s just as addictive as Pinterest. Sorry, and you’re welcome!


  2. You two are so cool with your visions, planning, going slow and allowing your intentions to come alive! So excited you have found your dream home! I expect an invite! xx

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  3. Pinterest is brilliant for using like a vision board! And I love Houzz too, so great choice to use that site.

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    • We’ve learned that nothing ever comes easy for us so we understand now that we have to put in the work. The more time we spend planning, the more manifesting takes place… the dinner the Universe offers!


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