Building On Belief

For a long time starting this business of ours was confusing, impossible and there were many days where one (or both) of us was ready to throw in the towel. Marketing is hard. Sales is hard. Working from home? Guess what, hard! What kicks us back into our usual passionate, driven and focused selves is that either we can build our own damn dreams or we can quit and go and help someone else build theirs. Doesn’t sound like much of a choice, does it?

Lazy Sundays are a thing of the past in our house. We used to watch movies all day, order pizza and stay snuggled up in bed with our beagle, Jorja. Although we’re both still in our pyjamas and Jorja is snuggled up in my lap, we’re both working either on our hobbies, our business or both. Days like today and most other Sundays we’re building on belief. There is quiet contemplation, soft sounds of music flowing from Colin’s fingers through his guitar and Jorja’s rumbling snores. It’s a day to slowly reflect on the week’s work and a day to ready for the coming week as well. Sundays are for building belief and restoring value, in case we lost any along the way.

We started adding a single slip of paper to a large mason jar at the end of each day as a way to be present and grateful on a regular basis. Colin also loves the idea of documenting our lives so, besides our blog, this was a good way to do that. We’ve already forgotten this daily exercise, OH… at least five times and it’s only the middle of January. However, the routine will come and it will soon be something that is just scheduled into our day like anything else. What it does is teaches us that no matter where we are, something good happened today. There is something to be grateful for. That’s what keeps us going on the really, really difficult days.


Some days are hard. Belief wears thin. Patience is tested. Hearts can be heavy.

Just because something is simple does not automatically mean it is easy. This is hard work, being an entrepreneur and working for yourself. The days are long and often they just blend into the next.

Where is it that belief comes from that it can be such a fleeting emotion. When you have it there is an endlessness about it and then in the blink of an eye you’re left desperately searching for it again. That’s the truth about belief in anything, I think. We’re all tested to some degree in the areas of our lives where growth and pursuit are involved. Marriage, career, personal development, relationships, hobbies, etc. We have both come to understand the ebb and flow of belief; that belief will return, we just sometimes have to hold on and find ways to ground ourselves in the ‘in between’ time. A car can’t get very far running on empty!

Luckily, we have a few things in our lives that we can be grateful for

  • The ability to eat healthy, delicious food every day making meals from scratch from years of hard work studying ingredients and recipes. There is ease of it all now from the hard work of the past.
  • Our giant stash of essential oils we use and diffuse constantly, especially beneficial when belief is scarce and we need a pick me up or a calming rest. And… pretty much anything else in between
  • The internet, because without it our business wouldn’t be so simple
  • Sundays. My, how they have changed. It was a day to avoid responsibility. They have transformed from days of blatantly hiding from life to becoming the creators of it.

It is from gratitude that belief is ultimately restored.

With Purpose,


8 Comments on “Building On Belief

  1. I love my stash of oils and pj Sundays. Making healthier choices in food since it is our fuel! I believe in God and when we have faith, a strong faith, the hardness can become more tolerable. Thank you for another great blog!

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    • So glad we’ve been able to connect, Kim! Sundays have evolved even still and we’re finding the balance and belief a little more each day. Thank you!


    • It was a very cute Pinterest find, so we can’t take all of the credit for that. Love the sweet idea and it sure does help to remind you to be grateful. It’s a really nice thing to do quickly together at the end of our day.


  2. I believe people who are entrepreneurs and destined to work for themselves have an inherent toughness, a drive and desire to succeed that makes them keep on going even when they get knocked back. A really interesting read!

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    • Love this, Tiffany. It’s a mindset that entrepreneurs are committed to – and it teaches you some of the most unbelievable lessons in growth and happiness. Thanks for the lovely comment.


  3. Setting up your own business takes a different sort of steeliness and bravery. It’s hard work and you make many more sacrifices than an employed person, however, nothing quite beats being your own boss. I certainly wouldn’t change it now|!

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    • Oh yes, you must be brave. It certainly can take many sacrifices and you can’t leave the job at 5pm when you punch out. However, the reward is growth in every way imaginable and we didn’t expect half of the ways. Personally as people, together as a couple our relationship has become much deeper, our values, beliefs and our leadership skills. It’s an incredible and very life changing thing, to work for yourself. Cheers to you, David!


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