Coffee Dates

When you see all of the diet fads going on, luckily all the time because Social Media doesn’t let us forget, are you like us?

Diets are silly. They’re a temporary solution to a longterm problem. They don’t work and people are disappointed with themselves or the diet, or both. What’s incredible is that so many people want to do better and that’s where the focus should be. We all want better quality foods for a better quality, more sustainable life. The bad news is a diet is not going to give us what we want because cake is happiness and starving is not. Right?

Think about all of the things we’ll miss and then binge eat when we’re done our ’21 day diet’. We’ll have a pity party about all of the weight we gained back and then do our 21 day starve ourselves diet all over again like a cycle of never ending doom. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over again but expecting different results? What if we started thinking about diets as a lifestyle change on step at a time type basis.

Here’s what that might look like. Let’s take everyone’s favourite thing in the entire world before wine is the acceptable beverage of choice; coffee.

Coffee Date.jpg

It’s the reason we both get up in the morning and it was one of the best parts of our lifestyle change! We love our morning coffee. Tonia used to brew (gross, gross, gross brand coffee in huge container already ground, mass produced yuckiness) an entire pot to herself and drown it in those creamers that come in Irish Cream, hazelnut and many other chemical laden flavours. We had no idea! Making a simple switch, one thing at a time enabled us to still enjoy the things we loved while also making health conscious decisions. We did some research and found that freshly ground coffee was full of nutrients and pretty darn good for you so we bought organic, local coffee beans and used our Magic Bullet mini blender to grind up our coffee each morning.

Since refined sugars were the very first thing we kicked out of bed when we revamped and adopted our healthier eating lifestyle, organic and unpasteurized honey was our sweetener replacement. Wow! What were we ever using anything else for anyway? Top off our freshly ground coffee, brewed each morning in a french press (after finally throwing away the oldest of coffee pots), a dollop of natural honey and a splash of almond milk. No dairy. Slightly nutty. So delicious.

It’s one change at a time and habit setting that forms a lifestyle around making better choices. Now, we’re only talking about the incredible, enjoyable coffee beverage. Just think about the many other areas of our ‘diet’ that could survive minor tweaks and adjustments to up the quality of the things we are consuming. Refined sugar is linked to so many diseases that we’re not even going to get into here – but the point is that… We can still have our coffee and drink it, too.

With Purpose,



8 Comments on “Coffee Dates

  1. Refined sugar is the devil, it is literally in everything not made from scratch. They’ve got the world hooked on the rubbish! Totally agree, make baby steps when altering your diet. I’ve lost a lot of weigh on fad diets, problem is I always put it back – with interest! Eat healthier, move more, it’s not rocket science is it?!

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    • The goal for us was to never have to be on a ‘diet’ and it worked so well. Now its just how we live and eat. It takes time but once you’re there you never knew how you did it any differently


  2. I really don’t agree with dieting any more… I’ve never dieted and not put it back on which is like so many people! For me it’s all about lifestyle and making little changes over a longer period.

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    • Agreed! Diets are temporary bandaids that tend to fail more often than not. Adopting a lifestyle is a habit creating practice that sets you up for the rest of your life. You’ll never need a ‘diet’ again if you just live properly


  3. It is all about approaching our food/drinks with intention. We drink coffee but only organic with very little additives-Almond milk or my fav, flax milk!

    By the way, I do not live, like or agree with the diet word and I think the both of you believe the same.

    Another great post!

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    • Yes! Colin hates the word vegetarian when though we are, because he doesn’t enjoy labelling things or the need to. I don’t like the word diet because this is my lifestyle and a diet is a quick fix with quick, short lived results. We see this subject, among many others, from a similar viewpoint! Thanks for your amazing comments, as always.


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