Might As Well Jump

After discovering what we did about the food industry and making some big changes in our lives over the next few years, we also grew increasingly impatient with the lack of direction in our lives. You know that feeling when you just know that you want Brunello instead of the sale rack choice of the week. Until about two years ago our mindset was pretty typical of a lot of people around us. We had what we had, we weren’t happy about it but what could we do. Classic shrug your shoulders and live to see another day.

Sometimes people only halfway through their lives give up because their perspective is that it’s easier not to care anymore. We’ve seen both first hand in our families and people in our community… happening right now. We love these people, but we did not want this to be our story. We know what it’s like to go to a job everyday that you don’t like, or worse! We also know what it’s like to go to a job you do like but it’s not enough. People purchase lottery tickets in hopes of one day cashing in and buying that yacht or going on that dream vacation or really sticking it to their boss.

What about knowing that you want better and can have better but you go through the motions because the way out isn’t clear or is seemingly unattainable. It’s why most of us never do anything about it. OH, maybe next year, we might say. Or that seems too hard so instead we’ll drink a beer after work and watch the big game and get back at it again tomorrow, building someone else’s dream for them.

Why not you?

What is the one thing you tell yourself when you think about why you are where you are, assuming it’s not where you want to be? You’ve got it all! A happy marriage, a scruffy dog, a nice and reliable car, food on the table and a roof over your head. You are loyal, you work hard, long hours and have a pretty good life, so why are you not happy?

What is missing? Freedom? {Purpose}? What about community? 

Something had to give for us, too. We finally had spending money but a six day work week to thank for that. We paid for our wedding in cash, saving for only 10 months. We thought that would make us so happy but nothing was sustainable. We’d traded something we love (our freedom and time) for something that we thought was more important (money and comfort). We looked around and we didn’t belong anymore.

We recognized a few things:

  1. We had been making excuses for years about hating our jobs and doing nothing about it
  2. We didn’t live where we wanted to but stayed because it was easier and more comfortable than taking a leap of faith
  3. We had a lot of personal growth to work on in order to be the kinds of people we truly wanted to be

So we jumped.


We bought in to a company with an opportunity to build a business on our terms. Six months later we moved to a place we’d talked about going when we retired. We stopped thinking that this life we actually wanted wasn’t for us, because who even made those boundaries for us? We stopped believing mediocrity was a lifestyle.

Are we nuts? Totally. Is it scary? You damn right it is! Are we millionaires? NO! Let me tell you what we had though, the minute we started….

Freedom. Time to spend together. {Purpose}. Days that begin and end like we want them to. No alarm clocks. No boss to ask for permission. Independence. People that want all of the same things we do. HEY! Are you still reading this? If you are, maybe it’s time you reached out to us and we’ll help you to do the same. We know you’re out there and we know how scary it is.  But, it’s worth it!

With Purpose,

T & C


11 Comments on “Might As Well Jump

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    • It’s not ever where we thought we’d end up, so I can’t even imagine where we’ll be in another five or ten years. And hey – you co-own a cafe! That’s amazing!


  2. It’s wonderful that you had something to truly aim for, you went for it and you are now getting what you wanted after all your hard work! I’m really looking forward to seeing the pictures of when you guys have moved!

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  3. Yep, a jump! I did that many years ago, left corporate to take my fitness business to the moon and beyond…leap of faith, many ups and downs, tears of joy and so much more. We need to quit the complaining and change to gratitude. (And more!)

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