Make A Wish

Let me ask you something.

Do you believe in magic?

We all do when we’re young like the first time we see a shooting star and someone whispers, ‘make a wish!”. You squeeze your eyes so tight as you think of the most amazing thing you could want in that very moment. You believe anything can happen, wishes do come true and you can have anything you want in the whole wide world.

What about now, do you believe in magic? When was it that we stopped wishing on stars and blowing the seeds off of the puffy, white dandelions? When were we introduced to real truths about how hard life can be? Who taught us how to put up the walls with just the perfect amount of space between wishful thinking and safe. All of those incredible years of building up those “yup, see there’s another reason to guard your heart and one more reason to believe that magic isn’t real” emotions and barriers. It’s here, while we’re building our wall that insecurities and negative thought are given the chance to become more prevalent than our beautiful, wishful, dream loving selves.

It took until about age 30 (ish) before the idea of negative narrative really made any sense. Reading all of those books about meditation (and actually having a very beloved meditation practice), motivation and self-development pointed in the same direction, slowly shaking that little person awake. That little child filled with dreams and wishes wasn’t naive, that child just wasn’t taught to be dedicated to their dreams. That’s the difference between time spent building a wall vs. building a future.

When was the last time a small child, wide-eyed with wonder, ever turned to you and said, “oh ya? Prove it!”…

You can make a wish and have it come true but you have to work for it. You have to do your research and break the mold. You have to be willing to take a step outside of the pack. You have to think for yourself. Scariest of all, you have to care not what others might think of you. The only thing within our control is ourselves and that is magic. We can be whoever we want to be.

Now, listen to the narrative of your life as you go about your day tomorrow. Open your eyes tomorrow morning and remind yourself that you’re going to truly listen today. Do you tell yourself that you can’t wear that shirt because you look *insert negative comment*? Or do you pick out an outfit that makes you feel proud and happy? This is the voice in your head that dictates what you tell yourself about your own self-worth. This voice has been trained to talk to you the way it does over the course of your life, ever since you were first told to make a wish on that shooting star. Every day from this day forward, work your way back to that little person with their eyes squeezed tight, wishing on a star because when you believe in magic you can do anything.

Do you know what happens when you believe in magic again?

You start to create a living. So close your eyes and make a wish.


With Purpose,



10 Comments on “Make A Wish

  1. Love this. We become so cynical as adults and seem to adopt a ‘can’t do’ attitude. This last two years I started to dream, then believe I could achieve big things. I knew I’d be met with scepticism, but I haven’t let other people’s misunderstanding of what I want deter me from my goal. I’ve completed the early stages I promised I would so far, and that dream of early retirement in the sun is still within my grasp if I want it enough. I’ve come to understand everything is just a matter of mindset!

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    • Amazing, David! This is exactly what I was talking about. We do become cynical and then other people get comfortable with who we are. When we break away from that mild, it’s hard for others to understand why and who we’re becoming. That’s a very hard truth! Glad to be on this journey knowing you and reading your awesome blogs! We’ll grow together.


  2. This made me feel slightly sad but hopeful at the same time and i’m not sure why…. I need to think about that a bit more! Really lovely, thought-provoking post thank you x

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    • I actually feel the same, Tiffany. It’s a sad thought, something that has triggered a lot in me, but ultimately in a positive way. However, the contemplative work beforehand was difficult. We believe in fairy tales only until someone tells us not to. What if we just kept on believing?


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