Today I sat on my mat for a while and was able to just be present. That does not usually happen for me. I’m busy, distracted, there are always things to do.

I plunked a single drop of Frankincense (carterii) at the top centre of my mat and a few drops of Frankincense (sacra) in my diffuser. These oils pull me down to the ground and also crack my emotions wide open. Today, though, they were the right combination of soothing and yummy.

Yoga and meditation have long since been a part of my life, although, I must admit, fleetingly at times. Since our move to the Okanagan ten months ago I think I can safely say my practice in both areas has been the least consistent since the first time I ever laid eyes on a yoga mat. There has been space created for other areas in my life like our marriage, growing our beautiful team and learning everything we could about continuing to grow and support our business. So when I did take a minute to sit on my mat in these last months, it usually wasn’t focused or quite as meaningful.


Today, I felt compelled to shake off my mat and roll it out over the floor. I let the flow of my body just take me wherever felt good. Sun salutations, triangle pose, pigeon (of course, of course!), warrior 2, warrior 3, twisting in and out without even thinking. I kept my eyes closed almost the whole time and I just let the flow take me until I was in a seated position. I let my hands fall to my thighs and I crossed my shins over one another. Instantly I could feel the energy in the form of heat tingling through my hands to my thighs and both buzzed just slightly where they connected. Where there was contact.

It was so interesting to be in this moment. I was noticing connection in a time when there has been an emptiness or space I felt perhaps lacking this emotion to connectedness. It took me to write this blog for me to figure out what that lesson was, because there is always a lesson I take away from my meditation practice. Sometimes it comes to me right then and there, but sometimes it can take days. Today it took making lunch and a cup of chai tea after my playful, sensitive and freeing practice. The connection I have been lacking was from within me.

With Purpose,


14 Comments on “Connection

    • I find it pretty difficult sometimes as well. A light yoga flow for a slow stretch with some Frankincense to ground me and then a good sit on my mat for 10-15 minutes at night is enough to calm me for bed. Or, after a long day’s work!


  1. Ah yes, allowing the connection! I love slowing down and also moving, but moving with intention and not just “busyiness” and distractions. (Huge thing I am going through) Thank you for the reminder of using my oils!

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  2. Beautiful! I miss yoga, but I’ve been so lazy lately. I feel so much better when I do yoga daily, and I really need to get back to it to take care of myself.

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    • We both fell of the wagon for a long time and made the commitment again to practice on a regular basis. Interesting that it feels so amazing and yet we don’t make the time to practice, isn’t it?


  3. Your post makes me want to dig out a mat and go do some yoga and meditation right now – it sounds wonderful!

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    • Oh good! That’s exactly the kind of thing we want to inspire. We should all spend a little more quality time alone with ourselves ❤️


  4. I wish I could meditate but I’ve never managed to get the hang of it….it feels hard work and tired me out trying to stay focused! I guess it’s one of those things you have to really practice and be committed to, I still think in the future I would like to get a grip on it though!

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    • What I like to do is sit down and watch my thoughts as though they’re in a flashing film screen. You don’t try to quiet your thoughts, instead you watch them and disassociate from them. I like to pay attention to how my body reacts without my associating emotion to the thoughts I’m having. One time I thought of a moment I did not enjoy with a person I’m no longer friends with. My hair stood on end, my chest squeezed tight and I could feel my skin crawl. I was amazed! My body reacted so quickly and then I realized that was why I had over reacted. My body is screaming NO! And so I also screamed. Now that I am aware of how reactive my body is, I’m much more able to read my reactions before I relay them through my actions or words. I promptly ended this friendship and will never forget this experience.

      Give it a try and this time watch the sensations in your body rather than trying to quiet the mind. Your body just might have a story to tell you.

      Darn, looks like I have my very next blog post! 😉


  5. I went to a meditation club in college sometimes, but I’ve always wanted to do more of it!

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