Today is a day of reflection and being grateful. That is something we both talk about a lot these days, especially as we see progress in our business and with our amazing team. We’re grateful that our house is a complete mess and do you know what’s happened since we started acknowledging this mess together? We stopped letting it bother us. Who cares! The kitchen being pristine is not on our priority list, so what? The dog certainly doesn’t complain and so I think we’re good.

We sat up last night talking about priorities a little bit, which actually seems to be our favourite topic of conversation lately. What do other childfree married couples in their thirties talk about over a milk chocolate stout at 11:30PM on a Wednesday? Priorities, right?

Anyways, we were talking about how in our twenties we were both reckless, dysfunctional, wild, careless, selfish but how we had so many friends and all of that totally typical 20 year old stuff. Except, we both really wanted a very different life. We wanted to be stable, to have the marriage we now have (so, we’re totally winning in that department) and be able to stop feeling guilty when we have to say no to something we so badly want to do because, money. One of the things we want to make sure of is that everything we do this year and ongoing, is with a {purpose}, hence the name of this blog series. We started off 2017 with purpose as our word and so the idea is if we don’t say what we mean and mean what we say, we better not say it at all. Our 30’s look quite different from our previous decade of debauchery.

Now, our first priority is no secret. Our marriage comes first. Always has, always will. Last night we skyped with some old University buddies of Colin’s (they live on the other side of the country) and we were all talking about business strategies. The topic of branding came up and we got onto the discussion of conflict. One of Colin’s friends then asked us, “well, what do you guys do when you don’t agree about something to do with your business?” and we both tried to think of a time when we had to deal with this. We couldn’t.

That really got us thinking.

It took more than four years for us to have this relationship down pat. We screwed up a lot. We had a few pretty ugly arguments. We did some hurtful things. We now have an amazing marriage because we got our priorities straight, did a lot of work on ourselves and we communicate. A lot. Sometimes more than Colin wants to.

Priority #2 is our business.

If it took us four years to figure US out, our business isn’t going to miraculously be amazing either.  Well, it is kind of miraculous in a way. We’re in the second year of our business and only starting to really put it all together but it’s exciting, like really exciting. We have to put in just as much effort, time and dedication in as we do our marriage and then one day, all of our determination and care will pay off there, too.


The difference is that we have other people pushing and dreaming along with us. We share a vision, purpose and drive that steers us all in the same direction. We get to meet and join forces with some incredible people that bring such a sense of community and enthusiasm to our lives. The vision is slowly turning into a reality and we’re trying to reflect everyday so we don’t miss anything. We are grateful for these times because one day we’re all going to look around and think, “remember when our houses were complete disasters?” and we’ll laugh. They’ll still probably be disasters but we’ll be busy living more of our lives in the dirty kitchens than behind our cluttered desks. (Well, maybe.)

This business is beginning to be a little more like a Tribe. It’s becoming the best of all worlds. We’re joined by people with our same vision, desires, dreams. We move forward together, with and for each other. And that is amazing. More of that.

With Purpose,



14 Comments on “Tribe

  1. Love this. Have aspiration, set and goal and hit it! I spent my whole 20s and early 30s partying and generally worrying about anything and everything. Took a step back from it all 3 years ago, moved to the suburbs, set about cutting back on my spending and investing my money more wisely. It’s been hard graft, but I’ own two businesses now and I’m focused on early retirement in the sun for my partner and I!

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    • This is exactly the shift we’ve made as well – with that same end goal. It’s available to anyone who’s willing to reach out for it every single day until it’s come to fruition. Glad to connect with you, David! Congratulations on living your life in your own terms, and to the fullest potential.


  2. It takes a village/tribe to raise a child, right? (Yes I am childless as well) It also takes a tribe to raise a business owner, as well as the business owner, needs a loving supportive tribe! And messy kitchen? maybe the dog can help! 😉

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  3. What a great post! I really love when people admit that relationships don’t always start out great, and that adult relationships take a lot of effort and getting used to one another. It’s because we want to stay in them that we get past the times that we’ve hurt each other. And from there is when you can start a business like you two are doing. Best of luck!

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    • Thank you, Nina, for this thoughtful comment. It’s important for us to be honest, and we believe that no one just falls madly in love and there is only peace, rainbows and butterflies. There also shouldn’t always be arguing or fighting, but a commitment to always do your very best. It is exactly as you said, we got through all of that together and now have added a whole new element to our relationship that brings on new challenges, arguments, celebrations and growth. No matter how rocky things started out, I’d do it all exactly the same all over again if I had to.


  4. I do like your comment and acknowledgement about your messy kitchen – I think I’ll say the same about my spare room!

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    • It’s not an excuse *not* to clean it, but more of a way of saying it’s ok that it’s not our first priority. One day, it might be, but today it’s the paving of a road towards our future. 😊


  5. This was really interesting! it’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life without sitting down and actually talking through where you are headed and what your priorities are! I think it’s important as a couple to have a shared vision of the life you want together… sounds like you guys are great communicators.

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    • This has always been something we have expressed that was important in our relationship. We had to learn how *best* to communicate with one another – which was no small feat, but we knew the end goal and the execution was well understood. Now that we’ve worked through the bumps and bruises, the entire vision is clear and we’re full steam ahead. Like you said, it’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day, so you must have awareness of this and also just remember that we’re all human. Thanks so much for this awesome comment, Tiffany!


  6. I’ve done a lot of reflections lately myself. I’m glad your marriage is going so wonderfully and that you can talk about it!

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