How To Manifest Abundance

Belief is a very interesting term. We’ve been doing a lot of reading together in the past year or so (we’ll refer you to some really good books at the bottom of the blog) and have taken some of the best advice that really resonated with us and put them into practice. Think about career, relationships, trips, money and health. Anything!

The Rules Of Manifesting Abundance


When we travel we like to stay in really unique places and rent apartments or homes, if at all possible. We like to plan our travel using sites like VRBO, Airbnb as well as Flipkey. The reason we really like VRBO is that we can search for places we are looking to visit and actually save rental properties into a “Favourites” list and categorize those lists however we want. For instance, we really want to travel to Croatia, so we looked for places to rent in three different cities so far (Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar). We created a ‘Favourites List’ for each place. We can now go back to VRBO at any time in the future when we are ready to go back to book our rentals, which will now take just a few quick seconds.

What’s important about being able to save these searches is the act of manifesting the trip to begin with. It’s a similar practice with what we’re doing in terms of building our dream home as well as building a successful business. Napoleon Hill talks a lot about taking your dreams and putting them into practice by understanding that you are capable of having what you want. If you can dream it, there must be a way of making it happen.



Get a Pinterest account if you don’t have one. We are on there all the time saving information from other lovers of travel. Follow our Travel: Croatia board there, too! YOU can easily find information others have shared about where to stay, eat, play and all other things tourist-ish about anywhere in the world. Of course, Pinterest is not limited to travel or dream homes. You can manifest an abundance of pretty much anything. With a Pinterest board, you are putting together places to eat, museums you’d like to see, hikes you’d like to take and quite literally planning your trip.

…the leading cause of sucking (staying broke, dating morons, uncontrollably crying in public because we hate our lives) is that we haven’t yet woken up to how truly powerful we are or to how massively abundant our Universe is – Jen Sincero

Take Action

Sitting down with your spouse on a Saturday night with a bottle of wine perusing through VRBO to a dreamy travel destination is going to set this trip in motion. You will have a changed and much bigger desire to make this trip happen, and if you’re spontaneous enough, you might even just book those flights. We’ve been there. Do it.

Belief can work in the same way for other aspects of your life as well. If you are thinking about buying a new car and all you do is research your new car, why you want it and how much it’s going to cost, you will also think about actually driving it. You’ll think about all of the reasons you need it.

Next, you’ll find yourself at the dealership test driving the car you will not be walking out of that store without buying. Why is that? You left behind your self doubt (and that shit’s heavy anyways, put it down) behind by focusing on what you needed. It was a dream that you optimistically, whether you were aware of it or not, put in motion.

So, How Do You Manifest Abundance?

You plan. You take action. You start believing that whatever you want to do can actually happen and any time you tell yourself you can’t have something, you’re putting up a make-believe barrier that doesn’t and never did exist. If you don’t believe us, buy these books and read them five times or until you’re cured. Whichever happens first. Welcome to the first day of awakening from what Jen Sincero refers to as the “BIG SNOOZE”.

With Purpose,


5 Comments on “How To Manifest Abundance

  1. Visualize, plan and take action. Love it. I am driving my dream convertible car that I placed a picture in my wallet and on my desk for 3 years, and now I have, better than I ever imagined! It is so important to write things down to free up the brain!


    • So true, isn’t it? I drove my dream convertible for a while, too! Right now we’re manifesting a beautiful home on a gorgeous piece of land. We can feel it and have the entire home designed, pictures and everything saved of all the details. We look through them and talk about this home as if it is already ours, because it is.

      Thank you for sharing in your connection with our blog post!


  2. This post is so inspirational. Makes me want to get up and plan something!


  3. I love this – I’m reading a really good book at the moment which is all about visualising your dreams. I’m starting to use Pinterest a lot more so will look you guys up!

    Liked by 1 person

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