The Oil Of Mother Earth

This week I was personally so excited to get to Calgary and actually pick up my essential oils order right from the Will Call office, rather than having to wait sometimes up to a week to have our package shipped. Patience is not my strongest suit, that’s for sure.

For the past few weeks I have been going to see my friend who is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (RTCMP) for acupuncture and some herbal remedies for a few different reasons. She knows we love our essential oils and so we got into the conversation about which ones I should stay away from for the next little while and perhaps which ones I should focus on.

Myrrh essential oil, she explained, is nicknamed the “Oil Of Mother Earth”and that intrigued both Colin and myself enough to start digging and doing some research. Basically, this essential oil offers many benefits, especially for emotional support. Myrrh is steam distilled from the gum or resin of a tree and in Greek Mythology it is said that Myrrha, mother of Adonis, beds her father without his knowledge (and he becomes mortified to find out he has been lusting after his own daughter, as she is disguised while in his bed). After making this realization, Myrrha is so devastated and ashamed that she begs the goddesses to relieve her of her own  wrong-doings. They agree and turn her into a Myrrh tree. It is believed that the resin that drips like sap down the side of the tree when the bark is cut that those are the tears of Myrrha.

Pretty interesting story (you can read more here)!

The Mother Earth Connection


Myrrh essential oil is said to reconnect your soul to that of mother earth while its nurturing energies helps to sooth emotions attached to abandonment or disruption of a relationship with a parent (usually a mother or the relationship with mother earth itself). Myrrh essential oil helps to support and heal this emotional barrier or blocker. It was an interesting theory to decide on Myrrh as one of the oils that I should spend some time with. Think of Myrrh as your grounding, calming, loving, nurturing safe place. SO, it was a happy time to finally be able to pop a few drops in combination with Vetiver into a glass roller bottle and filled it will jojoba oil. Now we’ll be able to spend some time really seeing how well these oils work for me.

If you think about grounding and rooting yourself, building on a healthy foundation, you might also think of balancing your chakras or how to support yourself by way of meditation or yoga as well. It’s so interesting to dive into our essential oils in relation to how they help to restore calmness in our bodies or bring a sense of grounding to our meditation practices. When we both started sharing our love for essential oils it was more about the idea of eliminating other harmful products from your home and now we just have such a more in depth, intimate relationship with them. We’re glad to share them in this space as well.

If you found any part of this blog pull at your desire to learn more about an experience we shared you can email us: If you’re intrigued by essential oils and their amazing benefits, here’s a helpful blog about Myrrh essential oil!

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin





7 Comments on “The Oil Of Mother Earth

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  2. I just did a post on essential oils, but you made some awesome points that I failed to mention. Love this post!


  3. Really interesting post! I went to an excellent talk recently by an aromatherapist and she kept mentioning myrrh oil too – I think I may have to try it for myself.

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  4. I love essential oils and have a diffuser in the lounge but I have never tried myrrh! I definitely would be interested to give it a go after reading this xx


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