Survival Mode

Two days ago we were out running around in our chucks (because all married couples wear the same shoes, right?) and Tonia was wearing flood pants. It was practically summer and we were taking full advantage of soaking up as much of the warm air as possible. Upon arriving home, unpacking our few groceries and getting back to the swing of things at our desks, we realize it’s snowing.

What in the entire world is going on with this weather?


It’s hard not to be just done with it by now. It has snowed here in Kelowna pretty much non-stop all winter long and we’re just dumbfounded by it. It’s gloomy, un-sunshiney and we’re all tired of feeling dumpy. You, me, the cashier at the grocery store. All of us.

So instead of wallow in our own self-pity, eat six hundred mountains of potato chips and devour another bowl full of seeds, nuts and chocolate chips trying to fill the void in our hearts, we’d like to share a few healthier tips with you to help keep us all in tip top shape. At least until Mother Nature gets her shit together.

  1. Straight up diffuse some happiness that not only smells like spring but also actually works to uplift your mood (and ultimately your productivity). One of our favourite essential oils to help shake the dumpy moods we get in when the doom and gloom of another snowy day takes hold is Citrus Fresh. Doesn’t it even just sound amazing? That’s because it is. Citrus Fresh is an essential oil blend of a bunch of delicious, cold pressed citrus fruit rinds and to pack a punch, a powerful and gorgeous addition of Spearmint. You might not jump up and click your heels in immediate joy, but you’ll definitely be excusing yourself from the pity party.
  2. Read a kick ass, motivating book. Don’t have one? Go get Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass. It’s the kind of book you’ll continuously pick up, re-read and recommend. That’s a promise. Even if it’s just a page or a chapter, Jen Sincero’s wit and way with words will help to snap you out of being in your head in a hurry.
  3. Joy. Not the emotion, but another of our favourite essential oils. This blend is one that Colin loves, especially. That man loves his floral scents and so we actually make a linen spray with the essential oil blend of Joy and spray our bed sheets, couches, and clothes fresh out of the laundry. It’s all in the name. For all of your essential oil needs, we got you covered. We can talk to you all day about EO’s.
  4. Do a few sun salutations on your mat – or even a couple of cat cows to stretch your spine all the way through your core down to your navel. That stretch wakes both of us up and eases tension, grounds you and brings you right back to the here and now.
  5. Take a bath with your favourite bath bomb! You can buy our favourite locally made (in Kelowna) bath bombs here (they ship!) or make your own! Ask me for my awesome recipe.
  6. Play some really, really fun, funky music and listen to your body when it’s time to just relax and take a break. Sit back, sing along, dance. Cry. Whatever. But do it to some really, really, fun, funky music. Also this song. Ok one more.

These are just some of the ways we engage in being mindful about our moods everyday. Who’dda thunk essential oils were for more than just making a room smell amazing, right? Plenty more, in fact. Ask us about our essential oils, why we choose to use them and how they can help you out of your wintery blues, and onwards. Looking for more yummy yoga poses to help awaken your body? Feel free to ask anytime! Some of Tonia’s favourite Yogis are Kathryn Budig and Rachel Brathen.


What are some of the ways you explore when you really need a pick-me-up? All weekend long we’re going to post our favourite winter-gloom-and-doom busters on our Instagram feed, tag us in yours too! Follow us on IG here.

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin

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