Unblocking Limiting Beliefs

Part of the responsibility of becoming a business owner or moving into a leadership role in any capacity is developing new skills and becoming a better version of yourself. It’s part of growing as a person anyways, but we’ve really sped up this process (or took our sweet time getting here and needed the crash course version to catch up, whichever version of the story you like best – both are true in their own right) since starting our Network Marketing business. One area that almost all of the self-development or leaderships books we have read (or the podcasts we have listened to) refer to limiting beliefs. Also, how we tell ourselves that bullshit every single day without probably even realizing it.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Well, they can really be just about anything and you don’t have to be in business to have them. A limiting belief is something you tell yourself in your narrative (that little voice in your head you might not be aware of) that is false or untrue. Something that would generally be harmful in some way. They are what limits you from reaching new potential “in case it’s too hard” or what stops you from doing the things that you know will make your life better because you simply don’t believe you’re good enough.

All created by you. Ouch.

Common Limiting Beliefs

  • I’m not pretty enough
  • Your parents were abusive
  • You live in a place where there aren’t any good paying jobs
  • You live in a very small town
  • I don’t deserve to make a lot of money
  • I don’t know as much about business as ___________
  • I don’t have the skill set

These are excuses.


Everyone has the same opportunity

It is your limiting beliefs that tell you otherwise. If you and five of your friends stood at the edge of the pool, do you all have the same opportunity to jump into the pool?

Does that seem like a dumb question?

Simply put, people stand at the edge of the pool and they either jump or they don’t. Why not? Ahhh, you might be catching on by now. Fear holds us back from opportunity, even as simple and fun as doing a cannon ball into the backyard pool. Then, let’s break down the situation and compare what happens with the people who counted down from 5 and took the leap of faith versus perhaps the one or two who didn’t.

You DID jump

Man! That water was freezing at first buy – hey! It actually feels great; refreshing for this hot summery day. Your friends who jumped into the pool are laughing, splashing and swimming. Maybe they get out of the pool, but what do they do next? Without hesitation most, if not all, of them will immediately jump back into the pool. Even if they were a bit fearful in the beginning, they jumped and now they know for sure that they’ll be more than ok. In fact, it was pretty fun.

You didn’t jump

How do you feel? Just writing this out I feel embarrassed and a bit sorry that I didn’t just go ahead and do it. And now one of two things might happen. The non-jumper might decide to slump into that bit of shame and not partake in the pool at all, OR, jump right in on round two as the previous jumpers head back into the pool.

The moral of the story is that standing on the edge of the pool might cause your heart to pound a little – and it’s a strange pool, you’ve never swam in it before. You don’t know what temperature it will be or if you’ll be able to touch the bottom. You know how to swim and none of the rest of that stuff matters anyways because it’s the narrative in your head saying, “that’s too scary!”.


Life Will Pass You By, or Will It?

Or, you will plan your life out the way you want it to go. That’s the whole point of starting this blog. Our whole entire purpose of being here is to keep sharing what we learn down our path to building a life our way. On purpose. Life was passing us by at an alarming rate and now we’re both in our mid-thirties getting our fresh start. We are almost two years into our new business and it’s true! We both wish we’d started five years ago! We’re here now – and we’re aware of that little narrative that says “hey, you have limits, remember?” and little by little, the more you ignore those thoughts, the more you realize that you begin to say, “where to now, boss?”.

Whatever your vehicle is to your freedom or living your life on purpose, do it before your limiting beliefs get the best of you. Don’t have a vehicle yet? Let’s talk and see if the one we’re driving is more your speed.

With Purpose


11 Comments on “Unblocking Limiting Beliefs

  1. This is so important to keep in mind. While I don’t agree that everyone has the same chances, I think it’s important to not limit ourselves more than we may already be by our environment. I think this is important in order to be more successful.


    • What we mean by the same chances, is more about the ability of the mind to believe in oneself. We are not all born into the same privilege, however we do all suffer – and can all feel happiness. IN this respect, we believe everyone has the ability to grow emotionally. We agree about what you said about not limiting ourselves even more than our environment. Yes! This is our point, as well.

      Too many tines we think, “well, this happened to me so I’m not good enough”, or “I wasn’t born with this so I can’t do those amazing things”. It’s just simply not true if we learn to believe in ourselves.


  2. Those little voices can be so destructive! When I used to be a counsellor it was one of the things that I always tried to get people more in tune with as it’s an unconscious influence for most!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is an unconscious influence, yes! It’s taken years of actively training ourselves to listen for this voice. The awareness doesn’t come overnight or without a very consistent effort. Any tips you’d like to share?


  3. That damn voice, she is called Hag in the Attic and she barrels down the stairs. When we jump into the pool, it is so refreshing, Empowering! Growth. It is so amazing. And it is never ending, the hag just becomes smaller! Awareness rocks!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Completely agree. For years I told myself I didn’t earn enough and my outgoings were too high for me to save or invest in my future. Of course it was complete rubbish, I was an excuse maker and nothing less. The minute I switched to an abundance mentality my life took off in the right direction. That person who couldn’t do anything 2 years ago now owns two businesses. Open up your eyes and see what is there and stop telling yourself you can’t!


    • First of all, we are so happy too hear of the switch and how much this has greatly affected your wellbeing and lifestyle! There is abundance, it just exists, but you have to believe it does before you can tap into it for yourself. The trick is believing in yourself. It’s so nice to connect with other people who are doing this for themselves as we embark on our own journey towards abundance and manifesting the exact life we love. No more excuses!


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