Fresh Start

OK, so you’re not completely unaware of all of these foodies out there talking about eating clean. Perhaps you know some friends who are gluten free and you’re just wondering… why?

Or how? What is the fuss about?

Before we personally made any changes to our diet we were both constantly tired, Colin had headaches every single day (read more about that here), we were bloated without realizing it and our bodies were screaming. We couldn’t hear the screaming though because we’d always been eating this way and it seemed perfectly normal. Normal to (TMI ALERT!) be constipated occasionally? Normal to have the opposite problem on occasion? Is it normal to be eating what you have been taught is healthy, work out every single day (at the time) and get sick often? Does this make sense?

If You Listen To Your Body

There were other (many) tell tale signs that our bodies were screaming at us but not loud enough for us to hear until, one day, reality hit us. We were devastated but grateful – we were still young enough and not sick! We could make major changes, and we were so willing to, in order to understand our bodies signals and work with them instead of hoping for the best, or being completely unaware!

We did a complete overhaul that took a few years to figure out, but we did it safely and we did it smart.

We compiled a list of all of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that a body in our age ranges required to function optimally. This list broken down into foods high in each then became our shopping list and then once we were home with our groceries (most of these food items we’d never purchased before), we then figured out how to cook meals with them.

Sounds pretty complicated when we lay it all out like that, doesn’t it?


This was a lifetime ago for us and now we have realized that we are so passionate about lifestyle changes that support your body and mind that we have put together a simple system to share with you. We are now offering one-on-one consultations to help brand newbies get started without the weight of the world on your shoulders – oh and also offer coaching for the first few weeks as you really get your feet wet.

Here’s what we’re offering:

After 4 weeks, meeting up to four times for half an hour via ZOOM call (in addition to action plans), you will be able to confidently:

  • Learn to make your own adjustments/tweaks to any recipe
  • Understand whole food options for substitutions from things like refined sugars, protein, and dairy
  • Understand how a slow-cooker can be your best friend!
  • Turn our favourite pizza dough recipe into all things bread related (unless you’re gluten free, but we have a brown rice cracker recipe for you!)
  • Have a better idea of what your body is trying to tell you when it comes to the foods you are consuming.

Your consultations are 100% custom made and we’re here to simply coach you into understanding how your body works by creating awareness and offering simple tips and action plans to really go out and DO instead of constantly wondering if this is for you or not. We promise, it is. This is for everyone.

Spend four weeks with us to redesign the foods and products you actually want in your life and why – and feel confident to continue this lifestyle change after our four week program. That’s the whole point! We want to show you just how simple and easy this can be, you just have to want to be committed to putting some time and effort into wanting to feel better! Who doesn’t want that?


A special offer for NEW members only: If you want to take a leap of faith and join our company with one of the three available starter kits, we’ll offer you this lifestyle consultation package completely free!

Contact us for pricing and availability!

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin

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