A Dream

Building the life of your dreams is going to be a total piece of cake, right?

Well, a total piece of cake comes from an entire cake, which starts from putting together a few ingredients that someone bought from a store, drove home, measured and prepared before mixing altogether and baking in a pan they bought from another store. While that’s baking in the oven, the icing is being made and then each layer is placed on top of one another with icing in between each layer before more icing is spread over the whole finished cake. Sprinkles, too.

And then voila! Piece of cake.


Building a dream life, or rather, putting a plan together and executing that plan, can sometimes mean doing things you don’t want to do. This week, and next, Colin is away so that we can continue to push our business in the right direction. We don’t often spend very much time apart, and truth be told, until we moved to Kelowna, we hadn’t spent more than a few nights apart since moving in together 5.5 years ago. I’m not going to lie, these trips out of town are really hard on both of us, although necessary to keep us moving. And then the incredible feeling of knowing your husband will do absolutely anything that he can to support his family makes my heart swell.

A little insight.

For my entire life I have suffered from Insomnia, which off and on has been eradicated with balancing my body using our amazing essential oils plus a healthy dose of yoga and meditation. We also have this lovely little device that scans the body and emits frequencies to detect if any biomarkers are unbalanced. It then makes suggestions based on this analysis on what to use to help put the body back into balance. If we use this device on a regular basis, guess what happens? Yup, our bodies and minds feel much more balanced and relaxed, which in turn will, of course, help us sleep.

This was a really neat thing, since we weren’t really using anything to ‘treat’ my insomnia. One day I just realized that I’d slept through the night and then again and again. As I dive deeper into my healing journey (more on this later), I realize that as my focus shifts to releasing old emotional trauma (from nooks and crannies in my body) I am better able to rest and relax. When this happens, of course, restful sleep also happens.

So, Colin is away and my poor heart aches when he’s gone, but for the last two nights I have slept like a baby, which is not usually the case when he’s away. Last night while we talked on the phone I teased him about this! I said maybe he snores or something, which has been waking me up all this time (of course it’s probably a little bit true, but since I’ve never been a good sleeper, it can’t all be his fault. Surely?). Anyways, I wake up this morning and AGAIN I have slept through the night! Three miraculous nights in a freaking row! Totally amazing.

Then I realized, I actually dreamt last night for the first time in a long time.

And my heart sank. I dreamt about my husband, which, almost never happens. My dream was that he had come home early, snuck back into bed to wrap his arms around me and then whispered, “Guess what! I’m staying home! So it’s pancake day!”


I guess I must really miss him this time, huh?

With 12 or so more days to go, I’ll save this cute little dream in my memory as a sweet little reminder of how much this man means to me – and how much our future means to both of us. It always comes back to making a better life and pushing towards having that freedom so he never has to leave again. Sounds a little bit like that piece of cake, doesn’t it?


Right now it sounds an awful lot like we’re picking up all of those ingredients on the list. Pretty soon though, we’ll be done measuring, we’ll have that cake in the oven and we’ll be licking some delicious icing off of the whisks and spoons.

With Purpose,



10 Comments on “A Dream

  1. I love your analogy her with the Cake! Looking forward to hearing more about insomnia and how you are treating it! And the days with Colin will fly by!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It seemed very fitting, didn’t it? The term, Piece of Cake, has always baffled me so it was interesting to elaborate on that here. Counting the days down to his return, and measuring ingredients 😉


  2. What a great analogy the cake is! Well done on managing to sleep – hope you continue to do so, insomnia sucks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love that everyone is loving the cake analogy here! Insomnia is very tricky and I will always continue to work on balancing my body to put all back in alignment. Hard to keep your focus when you’re not sleeping properly!


  3. I love that, a cake is made up of each little ingredient that eventually forms a delicious cake…. What a brilliant way of looking at it I’m going to remember that!

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  4. Love the cake analogy, the work ethnic of you and your husband is incredible. I’m a fellow insomnia sufferer which is linked to my OCD and anxiety issues, it’s a real struggle at times so you have my every sympathy. Glad to see you’re on the road to recovery!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate your comments very much, thank you. And you also have my sympathy for your insomnia. Like you, mine is also linked to anxiety and a few other areas, so calming/nervines have been what we’re experimenting with the last while, with success! Have you ever considered trying Essential Oils, David?


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