Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Colin here…

I wear an activity tracker on my wrist that tells me how many hours per day I sit, stand, walk, and even lie down. Its very helpful and insightful and holds me accountable to my daily activities. The feature that I love the most is that it also acts as a pedometer. I’m really not sure why but I love understanding how many steps I take per day. I got’s to get my steps in!

Here is the read out of the last 2 days of my life…


What on earth would posses me to take 22,690 steps over the course of 2 days HALF of which are up or down stairs? So many stairs that both Tonia and I are practically limping around with sore calve muscles?

For the last 2 days Tonia and I have been in the depths of what could be the most important thing we have ever done in our life. We’re moving! I know what you’re thinking. ‘Whoopty Doo you’re moving!’ 

This move is more than just a change in homes. This move is everything that we have been working towards for the last 2 years. This is a new beginning to everything about us. On top of it all, it’s my 36th birthday.

This was the view that I was greeted to today…


Take the steps

If you’ve been following us over on Facebook then you will know some of our story and how we got here. If you haven’t then you better get your ass over there cause you’ve got some catching up to do!

Those 22,690 steps that I was talking about earlier are representative of all the hard work and dedication we’ve put into our life. Every step away from the old is a step towards the new. But here’s the thing, you have full control over which direction you move in.

I recognize that there are some people with certain health conditions or circumstances that may make things more challenging but lets assume for arguments sake that you are born in Canada or the US, have your health and a decent head on your shoulders. I would argue that you are in full control of your life. Having full control of your life means you are FULLY responsible for where you are, what you believe, who you hang out with, everything. Not your parents, not your friends, not your boss, not even your god. You chose the life you live. And every decision and step you take moves you closer, or in some cases further away from the things you want.

If you’re anything like me, when making a big decision in life there can be uncertainty or doubt. I’ve been spending some time exploring having faith in my decisions and the power that comes with it. I’ve begun to notice the more I trust myself and have faith that what I am doing is best for me, the better things are becoming. But the word faith has and to some degree still does have some weight to it that doesn’t feel quite right.

Successful people don’t make the right decisions, they make their decisions right – Elliot Hulse

Understanding Faith

I feel like the word faith can take on two meanings. One in a religious sense and another in more of a ‘everything will work out’ sense. Personally, I’ve struggled with this word on both sides of the coin.

I grew up religious, have gone through some of the sacraments in Catholicism and realized at a young age that this was not a world I wanted to be apart of. This is not intended to be a religious discussion but just so you understand my point of view I do not identify with religion at all. Nor do I believe that ‘God’ has a plan or has a say in how we live our lives. I do however believe that if there is a ‘God’ that his role is to put opportunities in front of you, but its your job to act upon them.

I’ve always felt like that cliche interview with the professional athlete thanking ‘God’ for his or her achievements is so insulting to the hard work that person put into their life. ‘God’ wasn’t responsible for that persons success, ‘God’ may have put the opportunity in front of him but in the end he chose to do something about it.

Second is the ‘everything will work out’ angle. I’ve always had a cloud of worry or what if hanging over me my entire life. I have an acquaintance who refers to this as the ‘Hag In The Attic‘ I’m not sure where that comes from but like I said before if I am responsible for every aspect of my life that would also including my beliefs, mindset and evicting the hag that lives in my attic.

How many of you have a hag in the attic?

There’s a great quote from Jim Rohn that states ‘We need to give thought, but we also need to take action. You need to dream without just being a dreamer‘ I like this because for years I was the dreamer that he spoke of. I sat in my home dreaming of all the great things in life that I didn’t have wondering why I didn’t have them. The answer was so simple…take action and have faith that it will all work out!


Be Aware of the Signs

When I began living on purpose I struggled with ‘How do I know what I am doing is right?’ I think like most people I wanted reassurance and validation that my actions we’re moving me forward. The interesting thing about this was as I became more ‘aware’, or as the cool kids call it AWOKE, I began to understand that I was receiving reassurance and validation the whole time, but not in ways I was attuned to.

One of the laws of the world seems to be ‘When you do what you’re supposed to be doing life becomes more available to you‘ Have you ever wondered why some people seem to live so effortlessly? Life just seems to hold doors open for them, hand them some champagne and then slap them on the butt as they walk through!

For the last several years Tonia and I have struggled greatly, both personally and professionally. There were many signs being put in front of us daily that we stubbornly disregarded as something ‘we have to work through this before it will get better’ We were receiving daily signs such as stress in my body, unhappiness, confusion, frustration, more bad days than good days, the day job where promised work was not being followed through, a house that was cursed, everything! The world screaming at us that where we were was not where we were meant to be.

Fast forward to today

Now that I am thoughtful to every situation in life being a potential sign things are processed much differently. I continually ask myself ‘why did that happen?’ in any situation good or bad. The self awareness and discovery is amazing. Also, since we have moved into this new home some pretty spectacular things have been happening. All of which are IMMEDIATE!

Here’s a few things that happened on our first day here:

  • Walk in inspection was done in 5 minutes. Tonia is generally quite protective of these moments because she does not want to be screwed over but the lady came in to the house stood in the doorway and said ‘I’m not worried about you guys. Ill write down that the unit is in fair condition and if anything happens over the next little while just let me know and Ill add it to the file’
  • Our new place is a vacation property and we are renting it for the winter months. After the inspection was complete we asked if we could have it for next year and the lady was like ‘As long as you’re good tenants its yours’ She then gave Tonia a wink meaning ‘Its yours’
  • After the inspection we needed to head into town. Tonia wanted to head to a bookstore to see if we could trade our old books for some personal development books. The lady at the bookstore let us trade for two books, one book for Tonia and one for me. When we went up to the till the lady looked at my book and said ‘I just sold a John C Maxwell book to a good friend of mine. They are excellent, good choice!’
  • While doing some grocery shopping Tonia said while walking aimlessly down the aisles ‘I need quinoa’ Suddenly, as if it was magically put next to us there was a shelf of Quinoa
  • We had to return our internet router to Shaw as our new place comes with internet. While standing in a huge line a manager came out and asked people why they were there as maybe she could help some people jump the line. No one ahead of us was able to be helped until she got to us. She said ‘Oh yea, I can just take that right from you now. Here’s my business card in case you have any questions and have a nice day’
  • We went to look into new computers and the manager informed us that we could trade in our current desktop for a new Laptop and iPad (which we need) and also lease it which would be 100% write off for our business as opposed to just buying it. He gave us a few options in regards to models, directed us to an application form on the website and said when you’re ready just come see me.
  • While in the store Grand Funk Railroads ‘Im your captain/closer to home’ was on. When I got home I turned on Stingray for some background noise while I began writing this blog and the first song that came on was Grand Funk Railroads ‘Im your captain/closer to home’

Some people might look at these things and think ‘That’s just a coincidence’ I completely disagree. This is life opening up with more easy because we are supposed to be doing what we are doing.

It should be this easy…

With Purpose


PS – I found the cover photo after I wrote this entire blog. It was the first image that I found when searching for images…there are always signs!

8 Comments on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

  1. I’m a big believer in signs! I hope your move has gone smoothly, that view looks incredible and I can’t wait to hear more about your new adventure x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colin, thank you for the reference! This whole post really hit home for me, you are speaking my language. Daily I practice surrendering, and not sitting on the couch being a slug, also staying open to see and feel the signs from God. I agree God provides opportunities every day, it is up to us with His guidance how to act upon them. In such a fast-paced world, with all this noise of electronics, we are so disconnected from ourselves and others. We move so fast we cannot even see or hear what God has placed in front of us.
    Well, no more for this girl, I go slow, I move for Him and His plan, and I do a lot of breathing, gratitude and so much more to grow even closer to Him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the reference!

      And I agree our minds are super distracted and need to be reconditioned to slow down. The move into the new place has given me some time to reflect on that exact topic as well and I find myself out on the patio just enjoying the small things like the breeze off the water or the sound of the waves. Time stands still a little more these days

      And now that I am more aware of the signs around me I find that there is opportunity for growth and experience in everything


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