Humbling Soul Journey, A Guest Post

We are so happy to have our very first guest post from someone important to our community. Sabrina has just finally received her certification in becoming a yoga instructor and we’re so humbled and proud of her accomplishments. In celebration, we wanted to share one of her amazing stories from her time in her teacher training with you, straight from the horses mouth.
Three weekends into my 200 hour yoga teacher training program, I started to feel overwhelmed by all of the information we were expected to learn. Knowing this journey to become a yoga teacher would not be easy, I decided to go through with it anyway. This feeling inside me was sparked after I recognized all the little prompts coming my way and took action. I decided to quit my secure job at the bank and go back to school so I could change careers where I could connect with people on a more helpful level. My desire to help people with pain management was so important to me that I downsized everything and moved across Canada. Battling with several chronic pains in my body on a daily basis I felt this was the best path for me because of my ability to empathize with others.
It wasn’t until after my melt down last Sunday that I started to feel an overwhelming amount of self doubt. Our teacher training class consists of me and two other girls. We were asked as a group to add an additional 5 poses into our sequence of 12 poses we had learned the week prior. We quickly discussed it amongst ourselves and found where we would fit the new poses to make it flow. As I watched the other two girls instruct us through the Sanskrit names of all the poses, with clear cues and modification options they also remembered where all the new poses were to fit in and made it flow beautifully.
I was having trouble remembering the Sanskrit names, proper modification options, and where to fit in the inhale and exhales. I was most nervous about not remembering the actual sequence itself. My turn was up and I already felt like I wanted to cry. I went into the bathroom and had a little pep talk with myself looking into my eyes at the mirror saying “I can do this! Just go in there and do your best.” I came into the room and was honest saying that I am still a little confused and got some last minute clarification. I moved my mat to the front of the room and instructed my classmates while my teacher/boss watched my every move.
I attempted cuing some of the Sanskrit names and felt good about my first round of leading us through Surya Namaskar but when it came to the second round where we added in the additional 5 poses I botched it. Forgetting to balance out on the left side and not giving all the modification options, my teacher/boss asked me what I felt I did good and what I felt went wrong. I told her “I was proud of myself because I felt like I wanted to cry before I started and I was able to come up here and try my best without crying.” She said “Oh, is that how you feel?” Then came the water works. She said that I was feeling this way because I was comparing myself to the other girls and that we all have a different learning curve. She said that I am so kind to others and need to be kind and patient with myself. She was right! Life is hard enough and we should not make it any harder on ourselves by comparing to others. We need to be kind to ourselves and feel gratitude and self love for our efforts.
We breaked ten minutes early for lunch and I was glad I brought my box of incense with me. The last unopened bottle in my Premium Starter Kit box was Panaway. It was a perfect frontal cleanser after crying. I picked myself up and enjoyed my lunch being thankful for my efforts and this amazing opportunity.
 – Sabrina Schuetzle
So humbled. So blessed. We are so lucky to know this amazing human being. To travel this world of yoga this with amazing human being. To share her with all of you amazing human beings.
With Purpose,
Tonia & Colin

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