What Is The Fast Start Bonus With Young Living?

One of the first questions every new business builder asks is ‘how do I get paid with Young Living?’

The truth is there are many ways that you can get paid with Young Living as they have one of the most comprehensive compensation plans in the Network Marketing industry. The reason for this is the current CEO of the company Mary Young decided to study every compensation plan that she could get her hands on before developing Young Living’s compensation plan to give members the best chance at earning an income for their families. So let’s break down Fast Start Bonus so you can start getting paid with young living today!

Young Livings Fast Start Bonus pays you on all of your personally enrolled members. The bonus pays 25% on the volume (PV) of each personally enrolled member’s total orders placed during the first three calendar months, in addition to base commissions.

Each month the bonus payout of 25% is earned by the enroller, a calculation of 10% of the same volume can be paid to the second enroller on all current and future sign-ups from now on
for a maximum of 3 months.

  • A maximum of $200 may be earned from this bonus per member, per month, or $80 for the second upline enroller.
  • When the Fast Start Bonus is paid, the PV used to calculate the bonus is reduced by 70% for all other commissionable payouts.

**NOTE** In order to earn full commissions with Young Living you must place a 100PV order yourself

If you are reading the above and are still having some questions about what exactly this all means you’re not alone. While Young Living’s compensation plan is the best in the Network Marketing industry it does take a little bit of time to learn. So let’s take a moment to look a little deeper into how the Fast Start Bonus can work for your Young Living business

What is the purpose of the Fast Start Bonus?

The main purpose of the Fast Start Bonus is to encourage you to keep enrolling new people into your Young Living organization. It also supports your new enrollments to sign up people themselves, which you also get paid on.

Remember, you have 3 months to earn 25% on all of your personally enrolled members which can add up pretty darn fast especially if you are good at sharing Young Living. Additionally, if the people you enroll sign someone into their Young Living organization you will receive 10% on their new enrollment for the first 3 months. Young Living is literally doing everything they can to make sure you are successful with your business.

Combining the Fast Start Bonus with the Premium Starter Kit Bonus

As if the fast start bonus wasn’t generous enough, Young Living has an extra incentive in place to help you out. Our goal as distributors is to get oils into every household therefore one of the best ways to do that is to have people experience the Premium Starter Kit.

This means that at the point of enrollment if you sign the person up with a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living will give you an additional $25 on top of the Fast Start Bonus.

*NOTE – Depending on the market that you are in, it may be mandatory that you enroll the person with a Premium Starter Kit in order to gain access to wholesale pricing. Please check the rules and regulations in your area prior to enrollment

Young Living Terminology

Before we get into the numbers of the earning potential with the Fast Start Bonus we should clearly define some of the terminologies that have been discussed. Some of the terminologies may seem confusing, especially if you are new to Young Living so it’s a good thing to clear up some of those things as soon as possible

Who is the enroller?

Quite simply, the enroller is the person to sign someone up with a Young Living account. If you are the person responsible for introducing someone into Young Living then you are the enroller. The enroller is eligible for both the Fast Start Bonus and the Premium Starter Kit Bonus (assuming they signed up their contact with a PSK)

Who is the second enroller?

An easy way to think about enroller vs. the second enroller is not to consider who is the person to you but rather, who are you to them. Example) If I signed up Bob then I am Bob’s enroller. If Bob signs up Mike then I am Bob’s enroller and I am Mike’s second enroller

What does volume (PV) mean?

“PV” officially means Personal Volume but makes a little more sense when you consider it to be Point Value. The reason it’s easier to think about terms of Point Value is that Young Living has assigned a PV to all of their products. The reason they have done this is to keep all of the markets even because of the change in the dollar. A bottle of Lavender will be a different cost if you live in Honk Kong vs the United States so in order to keep the points the same they have assigned a PV value that will be the same in all markets across the world.
Generally speaking, 1PV is equivalent to $1 USD

Breaking down the numbers

So let’s really break down how the Fast Start Bonus can really affect your income in the early stages of building your business. In this section, we will consider that all of the people have enrolled with Premium Starter Kits and will be placing 100PV orders every subsequent month. These numbers will keep the math simple but also are a great representation of what actually happens as you become more effective at enrolling people.
Let us assume that Bob and Mike enrolled in the same month and both with Premium Starter Kits. Bob would be eligible for a 25% commission on the PV of Mike’s orders for the first 3 months. This means that Bob would stand to make $25 for the Premium Starter Kit Bonus and $25 for the Fast Start Bonus as PSK’s are 100PV.
You would make the same commission from Bob’s purchase PLUS a 10% commission from Mike’s order because you are the second enroller. The charts below will break down some of the numbers.

What commission will I make on Bob’s orders?

Premium Starter Kit BonusUSD $25$0$0
Fast Start Bonus (25% of PV)USD $25USD $25USD $25
Total IncomeUSD $50USD $25USD $25
This first chart will outline the commissions that you will be eligible for Just on Bob’s order for the first 3 months. Remember that Bob enrolled with a Premium Starter Kit which means you will receive a USD $25 bonus on top of the Fast Start Bonus which is 25% on the total PV amount. You can see that over the 3-month time frame you will have made a total of USD $100 in commissions from just Bob’s order.

What commission will I make on Mike’s orders?

Premium Starter Kit Bonus$0$0$0
Fast Start Bonus (10% of PV)USD $10USD $10USD $10
Total IncomeUSD $10USD $10USD $10
In this example, you can see that your Fast Start commissions on Mike’s orders will be 10% on the total value of his PV for the first 3 months. The reason that there is no Premium Starter Kit bonus is that if you recall the above example, this was Bob’s sign up which makes him eligible for the Premium Start Kit bonus. Basically Bob makes the same from Mike’s orders as you did from Bob’s. The difference is that you ALSO get some extra money from Mike.

What happens after the first 3 months with the Fast Start Bonus?

After 3 months your commission structure will change on your enrollments. You will then transfer your commission's structure into Unilevel. This is a conversation for a later date.

As mentioned earlier, the Fast Start Bonus is in place to help incentivize you to keep on enrolling people and also to help you enrollments to do the same. If you consider the cost of a Premium Starter kit and how much Young Living is willing to pay out in commissions it becomes apparent how generous they are with their compensation plan. They really truly want their business builders so succeed.

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