One Month Into The Good Healing Habit
We are one full month into our journey with The Good Healing Habit and I’m feeling humbled by the incredible conversations happening in there!

Rather than take away from our chance to talk about healing in our community group, I wanted to take an opportunity to tell a little bit more about my story, by request, actually! One of our members asked me this week in the comments of one of our posts if I would share how I went from freelance writing to leading groups like The Good Healing Habit, and I thought that this was such an important question to answer.

You guys, this really is my life’s work. Not my chosen work, necessarily, but likely the most important work I will ever do. Everything good in my life now is because of the work and commitment to my healing journey. Who else can relate to that? You know, when we close doors behind us that steal our time and energy in ways that consume us, we create space and time to open new doors full of potential. That’s an amazing little nugget to carry around with us as we go, because healing does ebb and flow, and at times, we regress.

My friend, even in a regression, we make progress. Never forget that.

I didn’t ever imagine a career move where I would spend my time talking about trauma. Truthfully, even a handful of months ago, this would have terrified me. And yet, in my business and branding coaching with some really great and qualified leaders, the message always came back to what we have to offer in service to others. And every time, it was too obvious.

It dawned on me in one very important meeting this spring that this was part of my calling. I didn’t know what it would look like, but I knew that healing trauma was my answer to my age old question: what do I want to do when I grow up?

Through navigating healing in my own personal life, and through finding and working towards being courageous enough to use my experiences to help serve others, I started writing again.

In my post last week in The Good Healing Habit about connection I shared how my first love of writing was distinguished by my freelance work. It wasn’t in alignment with who I was at all, and so rather than catapult me into complete freedom, writing felt like restraint and I quickly grew bitter. Resentful. It was shocking And really sad.

While I have not woken up with words flowing through me that require immediate pen to paper in, admittedly, more than a decade, my ability, my skill, has never left me. That’s truly what I am grateful for, but I do mourn the days where I could easily find myself lost in creating.

Instead, I use that skill in order to share my stories, to help put the good word out to other people in the form of blogging. Each time I write an important piece about pain, struggle, trauma… I am met with messages from numerous people who thank me for sharing, inspiring, encouraging, empowering… and then there it was right in front of me.

I have so much experience in experiencing trauma and grief. What am I doing not sharing what I know the most about? How can I sit here and continue to search blindly for my call to service? It’s been right here all along.

I know trauma. I know healing trauma. I know suffering. I know healing. I know connection. I know perseverance. I know that I did it alone and no one else should ever feel the loneliness and heartache that can cause.

And then there I was, writing a status in the name of my late brother’s birthday this past July 8th when all of a sudden my introduction to The Good Healing Habit fell out of me as if I’d planned it, and my goodness, my friends - I had not. I hadn’t planned anything. It was just plain as day and it was time.

No one else should have to spend precious years dedicating themselves to loneliness. I want to help others build connection, to breed love and connectedness in a time when learning vulnerability can make or break your healing journey. Sometimes web view vulnerability as weakness and we would be wrong. Vulnerability is courage. That is what lights my soul on fire. So I share my stories in the hopes that hope, action, confidence, courage and big love is created instead of more fear, confusion and sadness. It is too easy to spend time in fear, so I’ll spend my time instead bringing light.

I walked this earth for many years wondering what I wanted to do when I grew up. Never did I ever think the answer would Be leading a magnificent community of beautiful humans into and through their authentic healing journeys.

And here we are. I am loving on you so much right now.

What a ride.

Guys. Get in there - this community is the real deal and we are waiting for you.

We have important work to do.

With Purpose,


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