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There are a few key differences between diffusers that you can purchase on the market today. What you want to look for specifically is relatively easy. You want to choose the best quality essential oil with beneficial or therapeutic grade qualities and as a companion, an essential oil diffuser which uses strictly cool air intake. The reason for this is that when you use a diffuser with heat applied to an essential oil with beneficial properties destroys the molecules and although still smell nice, ruins their health related quality.  

Use a diffuser the Young Living way

With Young Living, you can purchase one of more than 13 different diffusers. The glass diffuser dome of the Aria Diffuser with the wooden base is such an elegant touch. The diffuser benefits include ambient LED light colour of your choosing, 12 minutes of soothing background sound and also comes with a handy remote control with options of diffusing for 1, 2 or 3 continuous hours. Use tap or distilled water with your favourite essential oil diffuser recipes.

Here is a video showing how you can use Young Living Essential Oils with a Dew Drop Diffuser

Other diffusers include the Dewdrop, Aromalux Atomizing Diffuser, Rainstone, Therapro with the options of also purchasing USB diffusers, which plug right in to the USB ports in your computer or vehicle. Air scent diffusers are common in households, offices, yoga studios, public washrooms and many other spaces. Common essential oil diffuser benefits include the ability to choose the best essential oil for diffusers in your home, many have automatic shut off features and thus are  safer to leave running in your homer your animals during the day or in a bedroom at night time. Aromatically dispersing essential oils in your home is a non-toxic and effective means of using a back to basics, natural approach to health and wellness.

Here is a video showing how you can use Young Living Essential Oils with the Aromalux Diffuser

If you're in the market for an essential oil diffuser in Canada, Young Living ships internationally and so you can have your pick of the lot. Our personal essential oil diffuser reviews are that we've found a pretty practical use for most of Young Living products and that the best essential oils for diffusers depend on the time of day, how you're feeling and your personal preference. We adore our Aria, the Aromalux Atomizer Diffuser and the Dewdrop Diffuser and are all used in our home on a daily basis, for example. 

Diffuser recipes and combinations are fun to play around with. We often poke through our Essential Oils Reference Guide to see which essential oils respond well with one another and off we go. And we haven't even talked about WHY! So let's get to the good stuff people. Using a diffuser to add scent to your home not only makes your place smell divine but also can have beneficial affect on your mood! 

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