Babies And Essential Oils

Babies And Essential Oils

Many moms of young children have questions about whether or not Young Living  and Young Living Canada has an essential oil to help their child to sleep or if there is any advice for how to help my baby sleep using natural, non-toxic and even beneficial alternatives. There are a few ways implementing Young Living essential oils into your daily (or nightly) routine can help both you and your baby enjoy a good night's rest. One common suggestion if your baby is having a hard time sleeping has been to try a nightly massage with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, and a drop of Young Living's Gentle Baby essential oil. The soothing blend was specifically designed to promote calm emotions for both mothers and babies. It is important to note that you should always dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil when applying essential oils topically.

In addition to this suggestion, there are many other ways to soothe baby before bed time that involve using this natural approach. Using a diffuser with a calming and soothing essential oil can be a very helpful tool for people of all ages. Adding a few drops of a soothing blend and turning the diffuser on for a few minutes before bed time will allow the oils to disperse into the air, filling the room. There are plenty of calming essential oils to choose from, however, a few of our favourites, for their relaxing and soothing benefits, are Lavender, Peace & Calming as well as Gentle Baby. We turn on our diffuser each night as we're getting ready to wind down.

In the US market, Young Living also has a whole line of KidScents essential oils and products such as toothpaste and shampoo, all specifically formulated with young children and babies in mind. The KidScents line includes the SleepyIze 5ml essential oil blend that is recommended at bedtime for a peaceful aromatic environment and we have a few members who love this particular essential oil as well. 

We are all looking to make the best decisions we can for our families.  Young Living essential oils and products have afforded my family comfort, rest, relaxation, and that in itself, helps me to sleep at night! And of course, when it isn't enough, well, there's a Young Living essential oil for that. 

Sleep baby, sleep.

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