How To Use Frankincense

How To Use Frankincense

One of the most sacred essential oils, depending on who you're talking to throughout history, is Frankincense oil. Most commonly known for its having been gifted to baby Jesus along with gold and Myrrh by the three wise men in the Bible, it is most commonly known in recent times for many therapeutic benefits. Frankincense and skin care is found in wellness living and you'll be able to find a long list of ways to use this essential oil in many blogs, Facebook groups and just by talking to a few of your health conscious friends.

Young Living Canada's Sacred Frankincense, a different species, was recently Health Canada Approved as a Natural Health Product for all sorts of skin remedies! You can use Sacred Frankincense oil for acne topically with a carrier oil and you can use this same essential oil for burns in the same way as well. Recently, I leaned onto a pot that was fresh off of the stove and burned my arm. I applied a single drop of Sacred Frankincense with a few drops of carrier oil to the burn and the pain eased immediately. I didn't scar nor did the burn blister and the redness died down immensely over the next few days. There is no trace of the burn now. You Living's Sacred Frankincense is also Health Canada Approved as a Natural Health Product or NHP for relief from cough & cold! 

Heres a quick video explaining how to use frankincense essential oil

Back to the 3 wise men gift, Frankincense. Allow me to let you in on another personal story. We use Frankincense each and every single day. I use one drop of Frankincense oil with a few drops of a carrier oil as my entire skin care routine for the skin benefits it provides me. I have thrown away all other skin care products with long ingredients lists and have never looked back. Friends and family members are using the same top essential oils after asking me, what is Frankincense? When I offered how the Frankincense skin benefits, they tried it too and every last person who has adopted this into their daily routine has reported back with healthy and happy results. 

At the end of the day, helping people to feel better is what drives us to keep sharing. We know how much our essential oils have helped us on our wellness living journey. Frankincense and skin care is only one of the many ways, but it's a really important one! 

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