Buying supplements can be intimidating and tricky. there are so many brands out there and so many different kinds of vitamins and supplements that you can take. Colin, having worked in the fitness industry for over a decade, has done so much research into this subject and so it was so interesting to make the switch to Young Living supplements, including Super B. Now that we've been taking them for a long time, you especially notice when you miss a day. Our energy levels are steady all day long and that is exactly what we were hoping for. 

How Super Is Your B Vitamin?

What I absolutely love about the Young Living Super B vitamin is that it is vegetarian friendly - because, well. We're vegetarians! It contains all 8 B vitamins and there's something so unique and fascinating about this Young Living supplement that I'm so happy to really emphasize and share. The folate and B-12 component, which is really important especially for vegetarians and vegans, comes from a much more bio-available source, methylcobalamin and lemon peels! 

That really is super!

Why Should I Take Super B?

What does this complex B vitamin do for you and your body anyways, that might be what you're thinking right now.  What benefits will it provide for my body?

  1. Super B vitamin from Young Living helps with cognitive functions. Think clearly, be able to focus more effectively and feel better overall
  2. B vitamins are fantastic for skin, nail, hair and mucous membrane health! Taking a Super B Young Living supplement is beneficial for all of your body systems and their intricate parts.
  3. Helps to form healthy red blood cells and maintain the good health of already existing red blood cells in your body.
  4. Aids in the ability of the body to absorb nutrients. If you're lacking in specific nutrients and vitamins you may not be able to fully appreciate the food you are putting in your body. A well oiled machine runs more optimally!
  5. By now we've all heard of oxidative stress caused by free radicals in our bodies. Selenium, found in Super B from Young Living is an antioxidant that bonds to those free radicals and keeps our immune system happy and healthy.
  6. Super B helps to maintain and healthy, energetic metabolism - and everyone wants an active metabolism, don't we?
  7. Speaking of our immune system, Super B vitamins from Young Living Canada help with the development and maintenance of bones, muscle function, DNA synthesis, thyroid gland function, connective tissue formation, and acid-base metabolism. 
  8. This complex vitamin also helps in the process of normal regulation of cell division and specialization.
  9. This vitamin is also an excellent source of calcium (and dairy is not!) which is very important for your bones, and also has zinc, magnesium and maganese.
Overall, Young Living's Super B vitamin is an incredible source of vitamins and minerals that support biological functions. This plays a key role in the maintenance of our overall good health. They must be replenished daily, so add them to your routine just like brushing your teeth. Your energy levels will improve and you'll feel on your game. 

You got game, Super B!

So the question is, really, why aren't you taking Super B?

You can! Order yours here and join our team community for online support, tips, tricks and Young Living updates.  If you're looking for better quality vitamins, essential oils supplements, make up, plant based cleaning products or healthier baby products in Calgary, AB you can pick up your order to save on shipping. If you're looking for all of these things from Young Living in Kelowna, BC or Peachland, BC or anywhere else in Canada, they ship and it's very fast! My preferred method is FedEx but you can also ship Canada Post and Purolator. 

If you have a laundry list of substitutes you're looking for, you might even want to consider the Young Living Essential Rewards program. 

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