Healing Your Endocrine System
We aren't doctors or even know much about how other people's bodies work, we just know our own. We know what we felt like when we were oblivious to the level of toxins we were exposing ourselves to on a daily basis - and it was not very good but for so long we just thought it was... normal. To be completely truthful, the word toxin seems to be a buzz word that we're completely unaffected by. People say, who cares! Toxins, whatever - or worse, they make a huge joke about it as if we're going too far.  

Once we had our realization it was really hard to ignore the facts. Other people didn't understand - just like we didn't when we thought that everything we were doing, eating, cleaning with was safe. Whoa, were we wrong! You know, we just didn't get it. You know how you think of things that only happen to "other people"? It never feels like you'll get sick because it's just human nature to think we'll always be healthy and young. Strange trickery, I tell you! We all think we are superheroes, am I right?

If we're being honest it was the same way for us. It took a huge amount of exposure to this truth before we could see what was plainly left right out in front of us to see. Our body systems were so tired, we'd just grown so accustomed to it that we forgot how to recognize the signs.

Colin had pretty awful headaches from the day that I met him. He'd always had them so to me, and to him, it was "normal". I'm sorry, who has headaches every single day and considers this normal? We literally told ourselves this... because according to the commercials and all things media, we were doing the best we could so that must be his normal. It was just how he was and on bad days he could just take a pain killer. What was actually happening was that Colin's whole endocrine system was overloaded with chemicals and toxins that were piling up quicker than his body could eliminate them. It was causing his body to go into overdrive. Adrenal fatigue was real in our home we just weren't even aware of what the signs were or that anything was even remotely out of balance. 

Fundamentally everyone wants to seek out the best for themselves and their families in every respect. We also all value things differently, so for some it takes time. Some people will sacrifice quality products for locally made, while other people value quality over being manufactured in their city or province or even country. We have done both, changed our minds and really had to think outside of what we grew up knowing as normal. We had to change and grow. Sometimes that can be strange or even uncomfortable. 

When we were introduced to Young Living we were living in Calgary, Alberta. It took us 10 months of looking into other companies and deciding whether or not it was the well rounded company we were really looking for. We weren't trying to cure any headaches, in fact, we hadn't even considered that this would come into play! We were just sick of using products we'd slowly come to learn might be harmful to our health longterm. This is where it gets interesting! 

We thought we weren't sick already. We thought we *could* get sick later if we kept on keeping on without making better choices. We were so wrong, we were already both feeling the affects of using highly toxic chemicals in our homes day in and day out. I was 28, Colin was 31 and the last straw before joining Young Living was finding out that the' green' cleaning products I had been using in our home were actually made by the same company who manufactures bleach. How can the same company who makes bleach also care about the environment and the air quality within my home?  How did it take us until we were in our late 20's and early 30's before we knew better? 

That's when we started researching what our Endocrine System was. We wanted to understand it's function in our body. When we could associate our hormones and how they're truly affected by toxic chemicals, we were devastated. It made so much sense. We were crushed that people know they are poisoning people but didn’t care. I spent the next two years straight learning about what endocrine disrupters were, what chemicals were associated with this disruption and how to stabilize my body. To heal my body. There were two ways I did this. 

  1. I removed every single product in my house that was labeled with any warnings, corrosive, poison, or otherwise. I removed any products with the word "fragrance" on the label. Did you know fragrance is an umbrella term that can consist of hundreds of different chemicals? Manufacturers do not have to disclose what they use in this proprietary umbrella term and substances such as formaldehyde have been found as part of the chemical constituents NOT labeled in perfumes, colognes, deodorants, etc. That is disgusting. We were so angry to learn about these terms and these truths that we started from scratch.
  2. Replace everything you throw out with essential oils. You can scent your own dryer sheets, candles, linens sprays, you name it! Cologne will be a thing of the past. 

Significant changes were made in our home and we eliminated products like dryer sheets, air fresheners, candles, colognes, deodorants and all of our cleaners. Just the Premium Starter Kit alone saved my family hundreds of dollars and so many of our health problems went away with this one single switch! 

Do your family a favour and increase your health, raise the bar in your home and reboot your endocrine system. Your hormonal system, your adrenals are integral to your overall health. If your laundry soap is bright blue, it needs to go. If your toilet bowl cleaner is bright blue, it needs to go. You will be amazed at the changes you will see almost immediately by making this lifestyle switch. So what do you do?

Step #1 

Sign up for your free account and purchase your Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist diffuser on Essential Rewards (I'm going to show you how to get a free dewdrop diffuser, which is why we'll select the desert mist in your kit.

Step #2

In the next calendar month, order the Thieves Essential Rewards collection, which will replace all of your cleaning products from laundry, dish soap, toothpaste, hand soap, an all purpose Thieves household cleaner - you'll never need anything more than what comes in that kit for cleaning your home. 

Not a single carcinogen. Not one single endocrine or hormone disrupting chemical. All completely effective and plant based products that will do the job and benefit your whole family. You don't have to worry about your health every time you clean the bathtub because you'll be cleaning with the same product you can clean your vegetables with.

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin

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