The Passion Of Others To Ignite The Passion In Others
When other people catch your vision, when your team bursts with excitement. Is there a term for this when it happens? I've always felt so blessed that other people join us on our journey, but when someone actually catches your fire it spreads like wild. 

Team ESOS began nearly three years ago and has been slowly creeping towards freedom ever since. Our journey hasn't been fast, it hasn't been the glamorous story of reaching high ranks in the company at alarming rates. No. We've been a "slow and steady wins the race" kind of a team. The most important lesson that we can say we have had to learn is that of patience and of leadership. It's not going to be a dragon boat race to the finish line. It's true that for some people this can happy rather quickly, by this I mean rising to the top. There's something to be said about wanting to have freedom so badly that you strangle the process. 

How do you unstrangle the journey?

Network Marketing is an amazing opportunity. There are many reasons to find the most suitable company for you to build with. For example, the community is amazing. Another reason might be because you can pass your upline (typically in the corporate world your supervisor or boss, though that's not really the case in an MLM) in both rank and pay - which is perfectly acceptable and celebrated. You can build a network marketing business with your spouse, which we absolutely love. One last amazing perk, out of many we won't discuss today, is that Network Marketing forces you to grow exponentially - in interpersonal skills, life skills, personal development and more. You can't help but become a better, stronger version of yourself. Be ok with creating space for this part of your story.

This all takes time if you haven't already done that kind of work on yourself yet. 

Think about this:

  • have you ever been in a leadership position before?
  • how many of the books on your shelf are self help or personal development?
  • do you have public speaking skills?
  • do you have writing skills?
  • how would you rate your time management?
  • can you self-motivate?
  • are you coachable?
  • can you face fears easily?
  • are you willing to make sacrifices now in order to have time and financial freedom later?
Talking to people and offering solutions is your number one job now. Sharing your story, your products and your business is this whole gig - but it's only as difficult as facing your fears. Once you do it one time and realize, oh hey! I lived! It will never be as scary of a monster as it had seemed the first time. Building up your confidence is the difference between hanging up the phone after dialing 6 numbers and calling 10 people a day. What odds will your business have if you hang up and call zero people a day? 

What Team ESOS provides is one on one coaching to help people get passed their blocks, understanding the need for a push or when to take a step back and re-evaluate. Some people take a slow pace, others race forwards - and both of those speeds are perfectly ok. All you are ever able to focus on is your journey and how you are going to blow the roof off of your own business. 

So you see, this isn't a race to the top. This is a journey of betterment, growth, discovery and camaraderie. It takes how long it takes and that's ok. Others are very motivated and self-starters, which increases their odds of growing at a much faster rate than someone who takes their time. Both of these are ok because they'll both get to where they're going. There is no timeline on growth in a Network Marketing business. There is no limit on how long it takes you to reach Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living essential oils. The only way to fail is to give up. This is actually why we chose Young Living as our Network Marketing company. 

Circling back to the beginning of this blog, it's important to find a company that lights your fire and aligns with your vision and your lifestyle. If you're a health nut but you align with a company that sells doughnuts to people - no one is going to understand your brand. Starting a business sharing products that you use, love and know others will appreciate that you are passionate about is the first step to success. The rest is about getting your feet wet, finding your groove and sharing in that passion with other people around you. Igniting passion in yourself shares a spark that will light and ignite in other people. This is an incredible industry and an incredible opportunity. Join us!

With Purpose,

Tonia and Colin

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