[NHP] Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Feature: Basil

Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Feature: Basil

 A most popular herb in many households, basil is known for its strong and even spicy aroma. Young Living's Basil essential oil has a refreshing scent and is packed with health and wellness benefits for you and your family. Health Canada has approved Young Living's Basil essential oil as a Natural Health Product, and for good reason! This 15ml bottle is comprised of 250 drops of oil, which can mean up to 250 applications! Each drop of essential oil is highly concentrated, potent and powerful! A single drop is packed with therapeutic benefits to use for relief from the ailments listed below. 

What is Young Living's Basil Essential Oil  Health Canada Approved as an NHP for?

In Aromatherapy, Young Living Canada's Basil Essential Oil can be used topically:

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For additional product information and details, refer to the Canadian Young Living Product Guide.

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It might seem a tad strange to use Basil in essential oil form as a Natural Health Product since we are so used to using the herb fresh or dried as a food additive or flavouring agent. How powerful to know that in its concentrated form that there would be such practical abundance of benefits. Basil is a great calming essential oil that will help you with things like sleep or headaches. In our home we appreciate a natural alternative we can trust. Introducing NHP's this year has been a blessing to many members and we're told there are many more to come! Save 24% with a wholesale membership today and afford yourself the benefits of having natural alternatives available in your home when cold season arrives just around the corner! Wouldn't it be nice to reach for a bottle of Basil Essential Oil from Young Living?

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Select Young Living Oils By Natural Health Product Claims

Headache | Acne | Cough or Cold | Eczema or Dermatitis | Rheumatoid Arthritis, Strains or Sprains | Digestive Discomfort | Burns, Cuts, Bruises or Other Minor Skin Irritations | Stressed and Uptight

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