[NHP] Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Feature: Lemongrass

Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Lemongrass Essential Oil

Tonia has a personal and touching story that goes along with Lemongrass. After years of a home yoga practice, she attended her first hot yoga classes at a studio near the last place we had lived in Calgary. After an intense practice, laying in Savasana, the lead yoga instructor would come around and place cool cloths either in one of your hands or gently and quite lovingly over your forehead and eyes. The cloths were relieving, calming and the scent was incredibly soothing. Fast forward to the first time smelling Lemongrass after we'd purchased it as a part of one of our monthly essential rewards orders and instantly her first thoughts were, 'this smells like love!' Young Living's 'scented love' is also Health Canada Approved as a Natural Health Product, which means it offers love to more areas than your sense of smell. 

In Aromatherapy, Lemongrass can be used topically or inhaled:

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Remember, be your own best advocate when it comes to the products you use in your home. www.ylsearch.com is a great resource that we like to use. 
For additional product information and details, refer to the Canadian Young Living Product Guide.

Colin uses Lemongrass in particular for a recurring injury he has suffered from for years. After spraining his ankles multiple times, he endures pain quite often in both his muscles and joints. Applying Lemongrass with a carrier oil (we both like Young Living's V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex) to his ankle and area before bed helps soothe any pain and sets him up for more success the following day. While there are plenty of other Young Living essential oils in Canada that are Health Canada Approved for muscle and joint aches or pains associated with sprains, strains and rheumatoid arthritis, this seems to be the one that works for Colin the best. 

One drop a night into a carrier oil serves him well and is gentle on our pocketbook at only $14.00 per 15ml bottle! Memberships with Young Living are absolutely free and afford us wholesale pricing on all of our orders, but the best part is, we know where our oils are truly coming from. Young Living not only owns their own farms but they allow members and non-members the opportunity to visit their farms as well. You can even partake in planting, harvest as well as distillation processes. This was our selling feature when it came to how we selected the brand we knew we could trust for our health and wellness solutions!

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Headache | Acne | Cough or Cold | Eczema or Dermatitis | Rheumatoid Arthritis, Strains or Sprains | Digestive Discomfort | Burns, Cuts, Bruises or Other Minor Skin Irritations | Stressed and Uptight

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