[NHP] Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Feature: Peppermint

Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Peppermint Essential Oil

It so often happens that when we turn on our diffuser at home, Peppermint is one of two essential oils choose. Peppermint adds such an uplifting aroma to any room and seems to pair well with so many other essential oils. Peppermint and Patchouli is one of Tonia's absolute favourite combinations. Peppermint can also be energizing and a perfect selection if you're particularly sluggish and have a long list of chores to get done around the house. This particular Young Living essential oil also encompasses many beneficial properties helpful to you and your family's health and wellness. 

In Aromatherapy, Peppermint can be used topically or inhaled:

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Peppermint has historically been used as a natural treatment for many different reasons. We also love the herb to liven up a cold cocktail or a hot tea. It's no surprise that the essential oils of this incredible mint family plant contains the proven power to help to offer a natural remedy in our homes. Using Young Living's Peppermint in our home has become routine and we're grateful to have a synthetic free mindset not only for a beautifully scented home in place of air fresheners or candles, but also to use in case of a cold, stress, digestive discomfort or sore joints and muscles! 

Select Young Living Oils By Natural Health Product Claims 

Headache | Acne | Cough or Cold | Eczema or Dermatitis | Rheumatoid Arthritis, Strains or Sprains | Digestive Discomfort | Burns, Cuts, Bruises or Other Minor Skin Irritations | Stressed and Uptight

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