Check In So You Don't Check Out

Check In So You Don't Check Out

In the most recent months, we've put more focus on mindset and awareness. Being grateful for everything  in your life happens when you are conscious of everything that happens in your life, which can sound a bit overwhelming at first. Like other areas of your life that take practice (yoga, meditation, driving a manual transmission, riding a bike, holding your tongue and all that jazz - oh ya, and jazz!), mindfulness takes time, understanding and a lot of self-discovery.  So, how do we do this?

When making a shift or a change in your lifestyle, it's always best to seek out the experts and find out what they're up to. This is an important element of growth in anything you're trying to implement, whether it be the best yoga instructor to show you the correct way to practice those beginner poses, a nutritionist to offer food solutions to your health inquiries or even a blogger with years of experience to show you the ropes in getting started with your new business related blog. This is a conversation that we have in our home quite often and when we're listening to a podcast or reading a book, we're often reminded of this key factor over and over again.  If you don't know how something works, ask the expert.  So we did!

We took a look around our lives and thought about what we wanted and then we started looking for the people who have what we wanted. We bought books written by people who did the thing to get what they wanted which happened to be the same thing we wanted. Capiche?

Fast forward and here we are practicing gratitude every day after researching, reading and implementing. So what changed in us? Well, we notice a sign when we see one. Think of it like moving to a new city and not having GPS. At first, you're disoriented and don't recognize a single thing. You might be anxious, drive slower than usual and you'll miss the sign you're so desperately searching for that says "TURN OFF THE FREEWAY BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR EXIT!!". 

You'll get lost, you might curse and you'll probably feel a bit panicky. Guess what? You will finally get there. Then you'll have to drive back to this place again tomorrow but you'll remember where you went wrong and when that fork in the road presents itself again, you'll turn one exit beforehand. The third time you take this drive, you'll notice that there's a small tree with apples hanging from the branches right beside the road sign that says, "YOU GOT THIS!".

Aha! There's your opportunity to check in, check your attitude and put a new idea in your mind about this drive that was once the most painstaking task at hand! You come to enjoy seeing that little tree because it was the first time you saw this reminder to turn that gave you the confidence to find your way on your own. Who needs GPS when you have this adorable little tree to remind you to turn here. You know what this means, don't you? It's time to check yo' attitude with gratitude. That little tree was there the first time and you drove right by it because you weren't driving, your anxiety was. You weren't paying attention, you were simply reacting. The tree always existed.  

Here is a video explaining some of our experience with gratitude.  


You hear motivational speakers and self-help gurus talk about manifesting the life that you want because it already actually exists, you are the one that has to simply tap into it. Voila. The tree already exists. Why didn't you see it the first time you drove by it? That's an easy answer! How can you relate that analogy to your every day life? Well, the next time you get in your car you could start by having a little timer that goes off on your phone every five minutes. When the timer goes off name five things you see and list them out loud to yourself. Then, name five things you hear followed by five things you feel. Start doing this everywhere you go. When you're out for a walk, laying in bed watching a movie, sitting on your patio enjoying a glass of wine or even when you're having dinner with your friends or family. 

What does this have to do with Tonia and Colin McArthur? Manifesting what we want and being grateful for the opportunity we have has opened doors, not because they were closed before but because we didn't even realize we could just walk in on our own. Here we stand together in a new place, with new outlooks on life and a business that is beginning to bloom. Here we stand aware that we missed that tree hundreds of times before an apple caught our attention. We passed the tree another hundred times before we realized that it was OUR tree! It sounds like hocus pocus at first, but the Universe has incredible ways of giving you exactly what you desire. This all began with years of practicing awareness first. 

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