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For those of you that do not know, Tonia is the one who does most of the content writing for our blogs as she has a creative writing background and is a much better wordsmith than Colin.  However, Tonia has been generous enough to allow me the opportunity to write a few blogs for you so I would like to say thank you in advance for enduring my second blog!

Don't drink the punch

As you may or may not know, Tonia McArthur and I just returned from Young Livings first Canadian Convention. Before I say anything else I must put in a disclaimer for everyone....Im an asshole. A cynical non-believer of anything and everything put in front of me. I was raised on the belief system 'believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see'. Its kept me a critical thinker my whole life but has also prevented me from truly enjoying some of life's great experiences. It can be both a gift and a curse...but lately its been a curse. Im aware of it, and I'm working on becoming a better version of myself....

With that said I approached Young Living's 2016 Canadian convention with the expectation of loud 'doof doof music' and 'drink the punch' hype. But something else happened. In a room of 1200 people, we were given an honest, genuine and intimate evaluation and presentation of the entire company, inside and out. We heard apologies for screw ups, we saw grown men cry on stage, I cried myself, I got to meet people who's lives have been forever changed in incredible ways because of Young Living and I was surrounded by positive, motivated and inspiring people who actually cared about life! Notice I said cared about 'life'. This is more than just about essential oils. Its a community dedicated to helping everyone become better!

But that can all be trumped by one thing. I got see the owner and founder Gary Young as a vulnerable human being. Over 2 days he explained who he was as a person, his history in becoming that person, his obsessive pursuit as a farmer, his creation of Young Living, his involvement in the ENTIRE process, and his vision for the future. I even watched him cry at the sight on a rainbow appear over one of his brand new distilleries as if it was a message from a higher power. I have never ever met a man who understands a company from the grunt level all the way to the corporate level like he does.

I spent months absorbed in blogs, Facebook groups, aromatherapy groups, next to essential oil experts trying to weed my way through all the information about wether or not I had made the right choice for my alliance with a company. I was beginning to experience Paralysis through analysis! I would hear 'Young Living is this!!' or  'Gary Young did that!!' It was too much noise. 

Time for a game of 'Spot the McArthurs'

All of that is gone now based off of one mans conversation with 1200 people. Who would you trust when it comes to essential oils, a farmer or an aromatherapist? Me.....I'd chose a farmer. Why? A farmer understands how to grow and yield the best, most nutrient dense crops. They have their hands in the dirt every day learning about weather patterns, water runoffs, how insects interact with their plants, what time of day is best to harvest...why do they do this? To get the BEST crop possible. Aromatherapists only understand how to use the oils. And some of them not even that well. You have a headache? Use this oil! Ok, where did that oil come from? Who regulated the process of its creation? Where were they trained? How long have they been creating those oils? Whats their background? I know that eating an apple a day will keep the doctor away but if that apple was grown by someone with a background in business chances are they won't know how to make the best apple. They might know how to market and sell it, but as a user and consumer of apples I want the most nutrient dense food possible in order to feed my family.

Remember, be your own best advocate when it comes to the products you use in your home. www.ylsearch.com is a great resource that we like to use. 

Gary Young understands how to make the best crops IN ORDER to create the best essential oils. He's a farmer by trade. He is the most hands on owner of any company I have ever seen. High functioning doesn't even begin to describe him.

I came to learn while writing this blog that the 'believe nothing what you hear' statement had a little addition to it that I've never heard before.  The statement goes 'Believe nothing of what you hear, only half of what you see, and everything you feel!'

Why am I writing this? Because I drank the punch that I was so skeptical to drink in the first place. I feel, in my gut, that I am apart of something bigger and more important than myself, and it feels damn good!  

My scepticism kept me from experiencing something that was actually true all along. The rumours, the hype, the claims....all true. 

 Young Living is the world leader in essential oils!

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