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Why are Young Living Essential Oils so expensive?  

Perhaps you have heard this question a few times in your travels and maybe you've even asked it yourself?  Most often than not the response to those questions would be something along the lines of 'The quality of oils is unmatched' or 'Young Living's Essential Oils are better'.  While yes, this is true, when you buy Young Living's Essential Oils you are getting high grade essential oils, there is SOOO much more to it that isn't always discussed. 

Supply and Demand

The global essential oil market size exceeded $6 Billion USD in 2015 and is expected, that by the year 2024, to be somewhere in the ballpark of $14 Billion USD. More than double in the next 10 years?  

Since Young Living owns their own farms and is responsible for so much of the current world supply of essential oils, they will need to continue to expand operations in order to keep up with demand.  Their Seed to Seal, a process that guarantees the best possible plant to create the best possible oil, is a factor in this as well.  Young Living understands that in order to create the best essential oil you must have the best seed, cultivation and distillation of a quality plant.  This process is a non-negotiable practice that takes resources, research and responibility. Young Living has a zero tollerance for adulterated oils and as such, operational and expansion costs will need to be met.

Let my people go

Ok, so what?!  Thats great for them, but I still know that other companies have great product and are less expensive so why wouldn't I still choose them?  The reason is because Young Living has chosen a Direct Sales business model as opposed to the traditional model.  When you purchase from your 'annoying' friend or family member who is constantly posting company sales on their Facebook page, you are not just buying something that is bettering your life, you are also helping give them a better life.  Believe it or not, most people in the Direct Sales industry are just trying to get out of the rat race that most people so desperatly want out of.  This is an opportunity to support the small business owner that you care about! Direct Sales seems to be shyed away from as if it's the work of greasy, untrustworthy people when in reality this the work of people who have been beaten up by a failing traditional business model.  If your friend or family member was to start a business and open up a store front you would gladly, without hesitation, go into their store and purcahse products.  You would probably even refer other people into their store to support them wouldn't you?  So I challenge you; what is the difference?  Direct Sales is still technically a local business, however, now instead of your friend needing to take out business loans or cash from their life savings they can, for a few hundred dollars, start a business with a well established company.  No banks, no loans, no stocking inventory, no worrying about shipping logistics.  This is their way out!  Why would you rather continue to support something that gives so much to so few?  Those few extra dollars that make your bottle of Lavender 'so' expensive are also helping to pay the commissions that set your loved ones free. 

Young Living is committed to making a difference.


Still not sold?  Don't understand why it's important to understand the importance of quality essential oils?  Maybe you need to know just a bit more about the company?  Young Living has been involved in giving back to those less fortunate and always will be.  Owner and founder Gary Young and his entire family Mary, Jacob and Josef all actively help those who need it the most.  This isn't just a 'donate money' thing.  The entire family lived in places like Ecuador so that they could get their hands dirty while rebuilding homes and schools for those that need it the most.  Not just for a few days or weeks or even months.  But for years!  There are not many founders of any companies, let alone one that just surpassed $1 Billion in sales, that are willing to spend this kind of time and energy away from the business to help rebuild homes or schools after earth quakes and destruction.  Below is a list of projects the Young Living Foundation actively participates in or partners with:

  • Ecuador Earthquake Relief
  • Rebuild Nepal
  • Young Living Academy Eduador
  • Maestral Orphanage Croatia
  • Sole Hope
  • African Hearts Community Organization
  • Healing Faith Uganda

Young Living Foundation: A Short Introduction from Young Living on Vimeo.

So yea, Young Living's oils may 'seem' like they are expensive but when you fully understand everything that goes into the entire operation it make sense.  Young Living is the only company that makes their business so much more than selling a product to a consumer.  They are practitioners of their crafts and walk the walk.  They create amazing products that actually do what they claim.  But most importantly, they are literally changing the world for the better.  The more you give to others, the more they can give to others, the more they can give to others... 

So yea, I dont mind the price.  Pay it forward! 

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