Emotion: Tune into Abundance

If you've every been on the fence about wether or not to buy Young Living Essential Oils in Canada then this message is for you.  Hopefully by now you have heard some of the exciting news released at Young Livings First Canadian convention.  If not, here is a quick list of things to come by the end of 2016:

  • 40 New Natural Health Products on top of the current 40 which makes Canada the most progressive market in all of Young Living's international markets.  Sharing has never been easier!
  • New Starter Kits!  On top of the Premium Starter Kit with Dew Drop Diffuser and Premium Starter Kit with NingXia Red, Canada will now have access to the Thieves Premium Starter Kit  My mother, who lives in Phoenix, purchased this Kit and LOVES it.  She's your typical italian clean freak so it made perfect sense for her to get it.  Now, like most people introduced to Young Living, she wants everything else the offer.  
  • New supplements such as Super B Tablets and Sulfurzyme
  • Stress Away will once again be available in Canada.  Yes, you read that right!  Stress Away will be available in Canada by the end of the year.  This announcement at Young Living's Canadian Convention made a room of 1200 people yell so loud that it could have been mistaken for a room of 12,000  
  • And the best news of all, we will have access to a large selection of Young Living's Emotional Oil blends

' How are we supposed to help our Canadian market if we are not supporting them emotionally?'  - Gary Young  

For those of you that don't already know, Tonia is not the most patient person on this planet.  I once told Tonia that she needs to 'Get some patience' to which she promptly replied 'Well, I'm not a doctor!' and then proceeded to slap her knee while laughing at her own joke.  During convention Gary suggested that ,while working , you ought to diffuse or apply Abundance Essential Oil to yourself.  He then told a story of how he put a few drops on his keyboard at the office so that the order takers would remain busy.  Excited to give this a try and not wanting to wait until Abundance comes in our next Essential Rewards order, Tonia came up with a plan. Because we have quite the collection of Young Living's Essential Oils already, we thought that we could 'Mad Scientist' ourselves a little DIY batch of Abundance from the oils we currently have.  After researching the oils in the blend we happily discovered that we had all but one of the oils.  The essential oil blend Abundance contains:

  • Clove
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Ginger
  • Frankincense 
  • Myrrh
  • Orange
  • Patchouli
  • Spruce

The only oil that we do not have is Myrrh.  Also we substituted Northern Lights Black Spruce for regular spruce because, well have you smelled it?  If not, do yourself a favor and go out and immediately purchase Northern Light Black Spruce.  Hint: It comes as your bonus oil when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit with Dew Drop diffuser so you may as well just get the kit! We're not 100% of the percentages of each oil so we decided to play it safe and just put 1 drop of each oil and see what happens.

Remember, be your own best advocate when it comes to the products you use in your home. www.ylsearch.com is a great resource that we like to use.  

The results have already been noticeable

Through our own self-development, Tonia and I have already been actively tuning into the Abundance mindset for quite some time now.  The oils seem to help keep us in that state longer and with more ease.  Some methods of application have been to diffuse Abundance while we are working, I'm actually diffusing it while writing this blog, Tonia and I have both used it in our baths salts for relaxing and Tonia has also diffused it while meditating. In the short time we have been tuning in to Abundance, we have already seen noticable differences.  Our business is actually growing.  We are attracting more like minded people into our lives, which in turn gives us social and emotional abundance.  Tonia and I are working better together.  Because we are both in the same mindset during the days we are in tune with our grand vision more clearly, keeping the ship sailing at top speed and in the right direction.  

My Challenge to you

Im not saying that if you diffuse Abundance Essential Oil while you day dream about being a secret agent who gets to play on Yachts in the French Rivera that you will suddenly wake up being James Bond (how cool would that be?!).  However, there are moments when you are working your butt off towards your goals that you will need some help with mental focus.  It's just how it works when you become obsessive in your work.  Most people reach for a stimulant to help.  That really isn't all that great for you as it drains your endocrine system and then you're worse off than when you began.  My challenge to you is to try something that supports your body naturally.  There is a reason Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years and has the success rate that it does.  So the next time you need a pick me up or need to help keeping your focus on your life's work don't reach for that energy drink or little happy pill, tune into abundance and keep yourself healthy. 

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