To Fragrance or Not To Fragrance

To Fragrance or Not To Fragrance

What's the difference between 'fragrance' and scent?

When you purchase a perfume, body butter or candle for you or your home, you can bet on the ingredients list you'd be sure to find the word, "fragrance" somewhere down the line. It makes perfect sense that this word would be right there in the bottle, why? Because the product is scented, of course! 

Then what's all this fuss about? Isn't it obvious that perfume is scented and so of course the manufacturer would label "fragrance" as one of the ingredients? What happens when we dive a little bit deeper and talk about how this so obvious association can also be extremely detrimental to your health? It's so obvious, in fact, that unless you knew any better, you'd never question this heavily loaded little word.


David Suzuki writes a short, yet very informative article on fragrance that we believe is crucial for everyone to have an understanding of. In the article he discusses some 3000 different chemicals that can be comprised of the word "fragrance' on the back of your bottle of, well, anything. Because this is considered trademark information, a manufacturer is not required to disclose any information to the public about how they come up with the scent of their product. It's their own special secret, so to say. Isn't it quite a thought that scents can provoke allergies, migraines among many other health hazards. 

Colin and I fell down a rabbit hole about four years ago. We began to change the way that we ate, making healthier and conscious substitutions to ensure we were removing synthetic chemicals from our cupboards. Then we realized that our beauty care products, our cleaning products and and nearly everything else in our home needed to go. This is ultimately why we are where we're at today with our business. I makes almost all of our food from scratch and most of our skincare and cleaning products myself. Why did we throw away our perfumes and colognes? How come I add essential oils to custom scent my epsom salts for our baths? Why do I make my own dishwasher tabs? Why do I use vinegar, essential oils and cotton fabric as my dryer sheets? Finally, as difficult as this one was for me, I even threw away every last candle. 

You'll find those answers and more in this very quick and well written article, found here.

Another great resource is David Suzuki's 'dirty dozen' cosmetics to avoid, found here

This is why we use Young Living essential oils in our home and you can, too!

Additional Resources:                                                                         

Remember, be your own best advocate when it comes to the products you use in your home. is a great resource that we like to use. 


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