The Truth About Triclosan

Navigating your way through the rabbit hole that is YOUR wellbeing. It's yours and no one is going to look out for your wellbeing better than you. Mindsets are shifting and the consumer is building up at the power and awareness about the products on our grocers shelves. We see new information becoming exposed in relation to the Canadian Food Guide - do you know that it is completely outdated, incorrect and even slightly fabricated? There are shifts in the food industry where every dollar we spend as consumers we are voting for change. Our money talks, my friends. In September 2016, we witnessed the FDA ban 19 different chemicals deemed to be inefficient to their claims of antibacterial properties, which will force manufacturers of hand soaps, toothpastes and the likes to have these chemicals removed from their products in ONE year from that date. Not that same day. Not the next day. Not two weeks' notice. ONE YEAR. That is not enough!

Why is it so important to be an empowered and informed consumer? 

Walking down the aisles in your local grocery store you were still able to purchase a banned product for those 12 months - and in some countries these products are not even banned yet... If someone was completely unaware of this information, why wouldn't they reach for the product they're used to purchasing, of course, assuming it was completely safe to be using in their home . People think if it's on the shelf to be sold it must be safe. We thought that, too. It's devastating to find out that we were wrong. Manufacturers have some sneaky ways of legally slipping some seriously toxic stuff into our every day products. 

Think about this. It wasn't mandatory that these manufacturers report to their customers with a sticker that says "BANNED SOON!". That should alarm us, folks. This is the same issue I have with manufacturers not having to divulge the information about the chemicals used in the umbrella term, Fragrance. Manufacturers AND the government are aware of the safety concerns. Understanding that exact concept was the turning point. That was when Young Living became the only answer for our family. It became the only answer for how we could grow a Network Marketing business. We had to share what we knew so other people could make informed decisions, too.

Choose to be informed

It has been important to advocate for clean, wholesome products for years now because of this reason and we will continue to do so as we grow and learn. What else on the shelves of our stores that we have been using blindly for our entire lives have the potential to be causing us harm? How can I not write to you, share with you what I come to find out when there are perfectly good solutions that our family uses every single day devoid of anything synthetic or toxic. People, friends, family, my loves. Listen, please. You do not need to use dirty products. Not to clean, not to eat, not to be beautiful. There are clean solutions. Plant based products. 

There isn't any data related to how these chemicals, like Triclosan,  affect humans, apparently. We know that if these products are being banned by the FDA there must be a little more to it than simply figuring out that Triclosan and the other unnamed 18 chemicals don't support the antibacterial claims they're used for. What we can do instead is make damn sure that we're steering clear of an experiment. Do our research. Be educated consumers. Vote with our dollars. Stand up for what is right. Share our stories. Offer solutions. Hold hands. Be better humans. 

What can we do to avoid Triclosan?

One of the best ways to understand one of the David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen is to learn about it and to then simplify your products. There are natural products that you can purchase that steer clear from all synthetics. It's the #1 reason why we switched to Young Living for our personal care and cleaning products. Namely, we switched to the entire Thieves line because it was 100% plant and mineral based - petrochemical, dirty dozen, triclosan free! 

Even our toothpastes contain Triclosan, my friends. What?! Not Thieves. Hand soap. Not Thieves. Hand sanitizer. Not thieves. 

There's an entire Premium Starter Kit that will help you to replace the products in your home almost all at once. No dirty dozen. No triclosan. No parabens, phthalates, dyes, colorants or synthetic chemicals. 

Looking for some clarification? Help? Send us an email: 

Start today with yours and begin to remove these harmful substances from your home and you will feel relieved, you'll breath better, your skin will clear up and your overall health and immunity will strengthen. Triclosan and the dirty dozen chemicals and ingredients are highly toxic to our bodies. When our bodies are in this state we're running our body systems on overdrive which can cause all sorts of different complications. It can appear on our skin in the form of rash or a breakout, it can appear in our behaviour in ways like irritability or lack of tolerance. We can become lethargic or begin to have a hard time sleeping. 

None of these were things we'd ever thought were being caused by products we'd always been told to use in our home. When we see commercials now, we cringe. You don't have to use dirty products to clean your home (or your teeth)! Let us help you make a lifestyle change. 

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin

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