NingXia Red: The Chinese Wolfberry Health Supplement Drink

So, we have a funny story about NingXia Red.  When we first began our adventure with Young Living, Colin decided that the first product he would dabble in would be Young Living's NingXia Red.  Being the type of person that needs to experience something before he can refer or say anything about a product, Colin decided that he would take the recommended 30-60 mls two times daily serving for 30 days in a row and report back on the experience.  

What he wasn't expecting was how fast things would take effect.

Keep in mind that this was back in the day when Colin had a regular day job in Calgary to go to so he would have to be in the office early.  Colin's usual morning routine consisted of studying music for an hr or two and then off to work.  On day 3 of implementing NingXia Red into his morning routine, he found himself buzzing around the house at 6 am like a little humming bird.  Being so juiced up that morning he went through what he thought was his regular morning routine only to find that when all was said and done he was at the office 45 minutes before he needed to be not even realizing it until he arrived at work and not a soul was to be found.  This level of productivity continued for the rest of the month without the usual mid afternoon crashes or need to reach for a coffee for the boost, which happened to be a long struggle of Colin's. If NingXia Red could help to sustain this level of energy, support him through the entire day without the classic sugar and energy crash, increase his nutrient intake as well as offer many other supplemental value, we'd take it!


NingXia Red, Young Living's powerful super fruit beverage, energizes, fortifies, and revitalizes. This proprietary blend features pure essential oils, wolfberry puree, and other nutritious fruits.

Essential Nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are two of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle; however, diet alone often cannot provide enough of these nutrients. Young Living and Young Living Canada is pleased to provide convenient solutions that not only feature bioavailable, food-sourced vitamins and minerals, but they also contain an infusion of powerful essential oils to help you feel your best, every day of your active life.

Here's a video explaining the results after 30 days.

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