Young Living Essential Oils Seed to Seal Process - Step 1: Seed

Step 1: Seed

Those of you that know Tonia and I well know that we are very big connoisseurs of wine.  Tonia is WSET Level 2 certified and prior to our lives colliding with Young Living she was pursuing a career in that field.  Believe it or not, the connection between top quality wines and top quality essential oils is very parallel.  In order to make the best wine you must first understand things like terroir (soil or land), weather patterns, how certain grape varietals respond to their environments, what parts of the world certain grapes grow best, best time to harvest and of course how to then take those grapes and turn them into wine.  You need to get your hands dirty.  You must be not only a steward in the wine making process but also in the land and plant itself.  

Young Living's Seed to Seal 

This is a 5 part series where we will spend some time examining Young Living Essential Oil's Seed to Seal process.  Seed to Seal is the process that controls the production of every essential oil from the farm to the labeled bottle ready to be sold.  

The 5 steps in the Seed to Seal process are:

The Young Living Seed to Seal process ensures the highest quality possible of every essential oil poured into the bottle at the production facility, thus providing their members with the confidence that they are buying the very best essential oils available.

Step 1: Seed

Young Living Seed to Seal - Step 1 - Seed

We guarantee that every essential oil is pure and authentic.  We work with many botanists, agronomists, and other scientists to identify the plant genus and species to ensure that the seeds, cuttings, and plants used in the cultivation are the correct ones and will product the greatest essential oil benefits documented by historical and scientific research - Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Seed to Seal Selecting the Seed

Being the best essential oil distiller won't make a lick of difference if the seed that you are planting in the ground comes from a genetically weak species.  The proper seed species  is critical in order to produce the highest quality essential oil.  

In seed selection, Young Living Essential Oils will consider:

  • How do you know if you have the proper plant species unless you are the grower or working with the grower?
  • What is the origin of the seed?
  • How do you know that the seed is not genetically modified (GM)?

Young Living Seed to Seal Nursing the Seed

Most seed is commercially grown in a nursery not subject to the challenges of nature: sun, water, wind, and temperature changes.  The harshness of nature develops strength in the plant's immune system that is expressed in the essential oil.  Seeds grown in a controlled environment generally product genetically weak plants, which usually produce a low-quality oil.

In the nursery, Young Living Essential Oil will record:

  • Plant and root growth with different soil conditions
  • Adaptability 
  • Pest resistance
  • Weed control with oils

They will also study plants found in the jungle to determine their nutritional value and water needs.  When ready, seedlings are transplanted into the fields and studied for the growth potential oil production.

Young Living Seed to Seal Soiling the seed

Growing healthy plants begins with understanding the physical and chemical properties of the soil along with the nutritional needs of the plants.  Insufficient soil nutrients and poor soil conditions will result in poor quality essential oil.

In the soil, Young Living Essential Oil will:

  • Monitor soil is well-drained  
  • Ensure Rich in nitrogen, potash, and phosphorous 
  • Maintain a pH of 7-8.  

They must also understand the difference between soil types.  As an example call soil needs an abundance of compost, humus, enzymes, and microbes to break down its naturally rigid structure and chance it to the ideal composition.  Only by working in the dirt will you be able to understand these types of things.

As you can see there are many elements to consider just when it comes to selecting the best seed for essential oils. Geographical location, soil type, climate, elevation, humidity, temperature, sunlight, frost-free days, rainfall, and many other variables determine the growth and health of the plants and thus the quality of the essential oil.

Relating this back to our love of wine, this was why we chose Young Living.  They are the farmer, harvester, cellar hand, winemaker, tasting room, sommelier and sales rep.  They understand the process from beginning to end, from Seed to Seal and that's something that no other essential oil company can claim.  

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