How To Manifest Abundance

Belief is a very interesting term. We’ve been doing a lot of reading together in the past year or so (we’ll refer you to some really good books at the bottom of the blog) and have taken some of the best advice that really resonated with us and put them into practice. Think about career, relationships, trips, money and health. Anything!

The Rules Of Manifesting Abundance


When we travel we like to stay in really unique places and rent apartments or homes, if at all possible. We like to plan our travel using sites like VRBO, Airbnb as well as Flipkey. The reason we really like VRBO is that we can search for places we are looking to visit and actually save rental properties into a “Favourites” list and categorize those lists however we want. For instance, we really want to travel to Croatia, so we looked for places to rent in three different cities so far (Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar). We created a ‘Favourites List’ for each place. We can now go back to VRBO at any time in the future when we are ready to go back to book our rentals, which will now take just a few quick seconds.

What’s important about being able to save these searches is the act of manifesting the trip to begin with. It’s a similar practice with what we’re doing in terms of building our dream home as well as building a successful business. Napoleon Hill talks a lot about taking your dreams and putting them into practice by understanding that you are capable of having what you want. If you can dream it, there must be a way of making it happen.



Get a Pinterest account if you don’t have one. We are on there all the time saving information from other lovers of travel. Follow our Travel: Croatia board there, too! YOU can easily find information others have shared about where to stay, eat, play and all other things tourist-ish about anywhere in the world. Of course, Pinterest is not limited to travel or dream homes. You can manifest an abundance of pretty much anything. With a Pinterest board, you are putting together places to eat, museums you’d like to see, hikes you’d like to take and quite literally planning your trip.

…the leading cause of sucking (staying broke, dating morons, uncontrollably crying in public because we hate our lives) is that we haven’t yet woken up to how truly powerful we are or to how massively abundant our Universe is – Jen Sincero

Take Action

Sitting down with your spouse on a Saturday night with a bottle of wine perusing through VRBO to a dreamy travel destination is going to set this trip in motion. You will have a changed and much bigger desire to make this trip happen, and if you’re spontaneous enough, you might even just book those flights. We’ve been there. Do it.

Belief can work in the same way for other aspects of your life as well. If you are thinking about buying a new car and all you do is research your new car, why you want it and how much it’s going to cost, you will also think about actually driving it. You’ll think about all of the reasons you need it.

Next, you’ll find yourself at the dealership test driving the car you will not be walking out of that store without buying. Why is that? You left behind your self doubt (and that shit’s heavy anyways, put it down) behind by focusing on what you needed. It was a dream that you optimistically, whether you were aware of it or not, put in motion.

So, How Do You Manifest Abundance?

You plan. You take action. You start believing that whatever you want to do can actually happen and any time you tell yourself you can’t have something, you’re putting up a make-believe barrier that doesn’t and never did exist. If you don’t believe us, buy these books and read them five times or until you’re cured. Whichever happens first. Welcome to the first day of awakening from what Jen Sincero refers to as the “BIG SNOOZE”.

With Purpose,




Today is a day of reflection and being grateful. That is something we both talk about a lot these days, especially as we see progress in our business and with our amazing team. We’re grateful that our house is a complete mess and do you know what’s happened since we started acknowledging this mess together? We stopped letting it bother us. Who cares! The kitchen being pristine is not on our priority list, so what? The dog certainly doesn’t complain and so I think we’re good.

We sat up last night talking about priorities a little bit, which actually seems to be our favourite topic of conversation lately. What do other childfree married couples in their thirties talk about over a milk chocolate stout at 11:30PM on a Wednesday? Priorities, right?

Anyways, we were talking about how in our twenties we were both reckless, dysfunctional, wild, careless, selfish but how we had so many friends and all of that totally typical 20 year old stuff. Except, we both really wanted a very different life. We wanted to be stable, to have the marriage we now have (so, we’re totally winning in that department) and be able to stop feeling guilty when we have to say no to something we so badly want to do because, money. One of the things we want to make sure of is that everything we do this year and ongoing, is with a {purpose}, hence the name of this blog series. We started off 2017 with purpose as our word and so the idea is if we don’t say what we mean and mean what we say, we better not say it at all. Our 30’s look quite different from our previous decade of debauchery.

Now, our first priority is no secret. Our marriage comes first. Always has, always will. Last night we skyped with some old University buddies of Colin’s (they live on the other side of the country) and we were all talking about business strategies. The topic of branding came up and we got onto the discussion of conflict. One of Colin’s friends then asked us, “well, what do you guys do when you don’t agree about something to do with your business?” and we both tried to think of a time when we had to deal with this. We couldn’t.

That really got us thinking.

It took more than four years for us to have this relationship down pat. We screwed up a lot. We had a few pretty ugly arguments. We did some hurtful things. We now have an amazing marriage because we got our priorities straight, did a lot of work on ourselves and we communicate. A lot. Sometimes more than Colin wants to.

Priority #2 is our business.

If it took us four years to figure US out, our business isn’t going to miraculously be amazing either.  Well, it is kind of miraculous in a way. We’re in the second year of our business and only starting to really put it all together but it’s exciting, like really exciting. We have to put in just as much effort, time and dedication in as we do our marriage and then one day, all of our determination and care will pay off there, too.


The difference is that we have other people pushing and dreaming along with us. We share a vision, purpose and drive that steers us all in the same direction. We get to meet and join forces with some incredible people that bring such a sense of community and enthusiasm to our lives. The vision is slowly turning into a reality and we’re trying to reflect everyday so we don’t miss anything. We are grateful for these times because one day we’re all going to look around and think, “remember when our houses were complete disasters?” and we’ll laugh. They’ll still probably be disasters but we’ll be busy living more of our lives in the dirty kitchens than behind our cluttered desks. (Well, maybe.)

This business is beginning to be a little more like a Tribe. It’s becoming the best of all worlds. We’re joined by people with our same vision, desires, dreams. We move forward together, with and for each other. And that is amazing. More of that.

With Purpose,




Today I sat on my mat for a while and was able to just be present. That does not usually happen for me. I’m busy, distracted, there are always things to do.

I plunked a single drop of Frankincense (carterii) at the top centre of my mat and a few drops of Frankincense (sacra) in my diffuser. These oils pull me down to the ground and also crack my emotions wide open. Today, though, they were the right combination of soothing and yummy.

Yoga and meditation have long since been a part of my life, although, I must admit, fleetingly at times. Since our move to the Okanagan ten months ago I think I can safely say my practice in both areas has been the least consistent since the first time I ever laid eyes on a yoga mat. There has been space created for other areas in my life like our marriage, growing our beautiful team and learning everything we could about continuing to grow and support our business. So when I did take a minute to sit on my mat in these last months, it usually wasn’t focused or quite as meaningful.


Today, I felt compelled to shake off my mat and roll it out over the floor. I let the flow of my body just take me wherever felt good. Sun salutations, triangle pose, pigeon (of course, of course!), warrior 2, warrior 3, twisting in and out without even thinking. I kept my eyes closed almost the whole time and I just let the flow take me until I was in a seated position. I let my hands fall to my thighs and I crossed my shins over one another. Instantly I could feel the energy in the form of heat tingling through my hands to my thighs and both buzzed just slightly where they connected. Where there was contact.

It was so interesting to be in this moment. I was noticing connection in a time when there has been an emptiness or space I felt perhaps lacking this emotion to connectedness. It took me to write this blog for me to figure out what that lesson was, because there is always a lesson I take away from my meditation practice. Sometimes it comes to me right then and there, but sometimes it can take days. Today it took making lunch and a cup of chai tea after my playful, sensitive and freeing practice. The connection I have been lacking was from within me.

With Purpose,


Make A Wish

Let me ask you something.

Do you believe in magic?

We all do when we’re young like the first time we see a shooting star and someone whispers, ‘make a wish!”. You squeeze your eyes so tight as you think of the most amazing thing you could want in that very moment. You believe anything can happen, wishes do come true and you can have anything you want in the whole wide world.

What about now, do you believe in magic? When was it that we stopped wishing on stars and blowing the seeds off of the puffy, white dandelions? When were we introduced to real truths about how hard life can be? Who taught us how to put up the walls with just the perfect amount of space between wishful thinking and safe. All of those incredible years of building up those “yup, see there’s another reason to guard your heart and one more reason to believe that magic isn’t real” emotions and barriers. It’s here, while we’re building our wall that insecurities and negative thought are given the chance to become more prevalent than our beautiful, wishful, dream loving selves.

It took until about age 30 (ish) before the idea of negative narrative really made any sense. Reading all of those books about meditation (and actually having a very beloved meditation practice), motivation and self-development pointed in the same direction, slowly shaking that little person awake. That little child filled with dreams and wishes wasn’t naive, that child just wasn’t taught to be dedicated to their dreams. That’s the difference between time spent building a wall vs. building a future.

When was the last time a small child, wide-eyed with wonder, ever turned to you and said, “oh ya? Prove it!”…

You can make a wish and have it come true but you have to work for it. You have to do your research and break the mold. You have to be willing to take a step outside of the pack. You have to think for yourself. Scariest of all, you have to care not what others might think of you. The only thing within our control is ourselves and that is magic. We can be whoever we want to be.

Now, listen to the narrative of your life as you go about your day tomorrow. Open your eyes tomorrow morning and remind yourself that you’re going to truly listen today. Do you tell yourself that you can’t wear that shirt because you look *insert negative comment*? Or do you pick out an outfit that makes you feel proud and happy? This is the voice in your head that dictates what you tell yourself about your own self-worth. This voice has been trained to talk to you the way it does over the course of your life, ever since you were first told to make a wish on that shooting star. Every day from this day forward, work your way back to that little person with their eyes squeezed tight, wishing on a star because when you believe in magic you can do anything.

Do you know what happens when you believe in magic again?

You start to create a living. So close your eyes and make a wish.


With Purpose,



Might As Well Jump

After discovering what we did about the food industry and making some big changes in our lives over the next few years, we also grew increasingly impatient with the lack of direction in our lives. You know that feeling when you just know that you want Brunello instead of the sale rack choice of the week. Until about two years ago our mindset was pretty typical of a lot of people around us. We had what we had, we weren’t happy about it but what could we do. Classic shrug your shoulders and live to see another day.

Sometimes people only halfway through their lives give up because their perspective is that it’s easier not to care anymore. We’ve seen both first hand in our families and people in our community… happening right now. We love these people, but we did not want this to be our story. We know what it’s like to go to a job everyday that you don’t like, or worse! We also know what it’s like to go to a job you do like but it’s not enough. People purchase lottery tickets in hopes of one day cashing in and buying that yacht or going on that dream vacation or really sticking it to their boss.

What about knowing that you want better and can have better but you go through the motions because the way out isn’t clear or is seemingly unattainable. It’s why most of us never do anything about it. OH, maybe next year, we might say. Or that seems too hard so instead we’ll drink a beer after work and watch the big game and get back at it again tomorrow, building someone else’s dream for them.

Why not you?

What is the one thing you tell yourself when you think about why you are where you are, assuming it’s not where you want to be? You’ve got it all! A happy marriage, a scruffy dog, a nice and reliable car, food on the table and a roof over your head. You are loyal, you work hard, long hours and have a pretty good life, so why are you not happy?

What is missing? Freedom? {Purpose}? What about community? 

Something had to give for us, too. We finally had spending money but a six day work week to thank for that. We paid for our wedding in cash, saving for only 10 months. We thought that would make us so happy but nothing was sustainable. We’d traded something we love (our freedom and time) for something that we thought was more important (money and comfort). We looked around and we didn’t belong anymore.

We recognized a few things:

  1. We had been making excuses for years about hating our jobs and doing nothing about it
  2. We didn’t live where we wanted to but stayed because it was easier and more comfortable than taking a leap of faith
  3. We had a lot of personal growth to work on in order to be the kinds of people we truly wanted to be

So we jumped.


We bought in to a company with an opportunity to build a business on our terms. Six months later we moved to a place we’d talked about going when we retired. We stopped thinking that this life we actually wanted wasn’t for us, because who even made those boundaries for us? We stopped believing mediocrity was a lifestyle.

Are we nuts? Totally. Is it scary? You damn right it is! Are we millionaires? NO! Let me tell you what we had though, the minute we started….

Freedom. Time to spend together. {Purpose}. Days that begin and end like we want them to. No alarm clocks. No boss to ask for permission. Independence. People that want all of the same things we do. HEY! Are you still reading this? If you are, maybe it’s time you reached out to us and we’ll help you to do the same. We know you’re out there and we know how scary it is.  But, it’s worth it!

With Purpose,

T & C


Coffee Dates

When you see all of the diet fads going on, luckily all the time because Social Media doesn’t let us forget, are you like us?

Diets are silly. They’re a temporary solution to a longterm problem. They don’t work and people are disappointed with themselves or the diet, or both. What’s incredible is that so many people want to do better and that’s where the focus should be. We all want better quality foods for a better quality, more sustainable life. The bad news is a diet is not going to give us what we want because cake is happiness and starving is not. Right?

Think about all of the things we’ll miss and then binge eat when we’re done our ’21 day diet’. We’ll have a pity party about all of the weight we gained back and then do our 21 day starve ourselves diet all over again like a cycle of never ending doom. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over again but expecting different results? What if we started thinking about diets as a lifestyle change on step at a time type basis.

Here’s what that might look like. Let’s take everyone’s favourite thing in the entire world before wine is the acceptable beverage of choice; coffee.

Coffee Date.jpg

It’s the reason we both get up in the morning and it was one of the best parts of our lifestyle change! We love our morning coffee. Tonia used to brew (gross, gross, gross brand coffee in huge container already ground, mass produced yuckiness) an entire pot to herself and drown it in those creamers that come in Irish Cream, hazelnut and many other chemical laden flavours. We had no idea! Making a simple switch, one thing at a time enabled us to still enjoy the things we loved while also making health conscious decisions. We did some research and found that freshly ground coffee was full of nutrients and pretty darn good for you so we bought organic, local coffee beans and used our Magic Bullet mini blender to grind up our coffee each morning.

Since refined sugars were the very first thing we kicked out of bed when we revamped and adopted our healthier eating lifestyle, organic and unpasteurized honey was our sweetener replacement. Wow! What were we ever using anything else for anyway? Top off our freshly ground coffee, brewed each morning in a french press (after finally throwing away the oldest of coffee pots), a dollop of natural honey and a splash of almond milk. No dairy. Slightly nutty. So delicious.

It’s one change at a time and habit setting that forms a lifestyle around making better choices. Now, we’re only talking about the incredible, enjoyable coffee beverage. Just think about the many other areas of our ‘diet’ that could survive minor tweaks and adjustments to up the quality of the things we are consuming. Refined sugar is linked to so many diseases that we’re not even going to get into here – but the point is that… We can still have our coffee and drink it, too.

With Purpose,



Raw Deal

Have you ever asked yourself how you actually got here? This place where you’re at?

The last year we’ve been working hard towards some incredible goals together with our marriage, learning how to work side by side from home, elements like healing from our pasts and working towards just being better human beings. We both believe it’s healthy to be honest about where you came from so that you stay humble when you get to where you’re going. Let’s take you on a bit of a blast from the past.

Just over five years ago we were both working full time jobs and living in an upstairs suite of a house beside our crazy, lazy and less than ideal landlord. We had just moved in together and we had what we had. Life was less than glamorous, but it was our life. With two weeks off together over the holidays, we had decided to spend that cold winter break cuddled up in the living room watching movies. One single movie was the twist of fate that changed the direction of the rest of our lives. We watched a documentary based on the food industry in the western world which turned into two solid weeks of watching every single documentary known to man at that time…  about food.

I wish we’d written down the names, especially the one that I had to ask Colin to pause before I walked into the kitchen, sat down at the table and cried. I felt defeated, betrayed; I couldn’t wrap my head around the quality of food I’d been putting on the table everyday for us. I thought we were eating so well and it turned out we were not even close. We threw the baby out with the bathwater and completely started over. Everything we had that was processed basically went in the trash and the first thing we substituted was sugar. Ironically, I had just purchased a new 1kg bag of white, bleached, refined sugar a few days prior to this documentary marathon. I couldn’t even find it in my heart to donate the sugar because I didn’t want anyone to use it at all. (In fact, we carried that same bag of sugar around from house to house with us when we moved until finally we threw it away years later! No joke.)

We replaced items like refined sugars, with raw, unpasteurized honey, apple sauce (and I hate cooked apples, so this wasn’t an easy transition, but a healthier one!), organic sugar cane molasses for rare baking occasions and that sparked many other changes in our home as well.


We spent days, weeks and months afterwards making lists of nutrients, vitamins and minerals our bodies required every single day in order to function properly. Then, we took each of these and made lists of the super foods that contained these ever important ingredients and started revamping what we would now know as our shopping list. Foods we’d never considered before became a part of our usual diet. Spices we’d never even heard of were now in the pantry in bulk. We bought large glass cylinder shaped containers and filled them with dried beans, legumes and peas.

The more we continued to learn about GMO’s as well as the long lists of pesticides and herbicides used in the farming and agriculture industry, the more determined we both were to continue cleaning up our food practices.

Two things started happening:

  1. We began to notice that all of our food had started tasting much sweeter as though our tastebuds were changing.
  2. Our bodies were responding in really good ways. We were losing inches, we had more sustained energy levels and Colin’s favourite disclaimer: we were both having much healthier bowel movements.

All of this just from eating better quality food. Which meant that all of the food we’d been eating for our entire lives up until then was crap. What does Maya Angelou say? When you know better, do better?

We dove off the deep end with our food. We were angry. Generally speaking there are two emotions that inspire all of us to take fierce action: Love and Hate. When something makes you so mad that you blow up your life because of it, obviously in this case a good “blow up your life”, you know you’re in it for the long haul. We have learned to appreciate our food on such incredible levels and don’t take the knowledge we’ve accumulated for granted. However, this was painfully tricky for us for so long. I hated cooking but the alternative was hire a chef (ha!) or eat processed foods. Since neither were happening, I had to learn not only how to cook but also from scratch.

It’s become something we both enjoy doing together. It was hard, very hard. Sometimes it would take hours to just prep food for soups or pasta dishes. Sometimes making food from scratch took more out of me than the grocery shopping to purchase everything we needed. Eventually though, after a lot of heavy lifting on the back end, it became so easy that it is now second nature to us. We can make pizza dough from scratch in minutes without thinking about it. Completely clean (and also vegan!), simple, minimal ingredients and perfect every single time.

The lessons that Christmas staycation taught us are endless. We learn new things even still, five years later. We make adjustments and move forward always doing the best we can. The most important lesson is that you are never done and you can always do better. Start with one thing, one step and then check it off the list.

With Purpose,





Building On Belief

For a long time starting this business of ours was confusing, impossible and there were many days where one (or both) of us was ready to throw in the towel. Marketing is hard. Sales is hard. Working from home? Guess what, hard! What kicks us back into our usual passionate, driven and focused selves is that either we can build our own damn dreams or we can quit and go and help someone else build theirs. Doesn’t sound like much of a choice, does it?

Lazy Sundays are a thing of the past in our house. We used to watch movies all day, order pizza and stay snuggled up in bed with our beagle, Jorja. Although we’re both still in our pyjamas and Jorja is snuggled up in my lap, we’re both working either on our hobbies, our business or both. Days like today and most other Sundays we’re building on belief. There is quiet contemplation, soft sounds of music flowing from Colin’s fingers through his guitar and Jorja’s rumbling snores. It’s a day to slowly reflect on the week’s work and a day to ready for the coming week as well. Sundays are for building belief and restoring value, in case we lost any along the way.

We started adding a single slip of paper to a large mason jar at the end of each day as a way to be present and grateful on a regular basis. Colin also loves the idea of documenting our lives so, besides our blog, this was a good way to do that. We’ve already forgotten this daily exercise, OH… at least five times and it’s only the middle of January. However, the routine will come and it will soon be something that is just scheduled into our day like anything else. What it does is teaches us that no matter where we are, something good happened today. There is something to be grateful for. That’s what keeps us going on the really, really difficult days.


Some days are hard. Belief wears thin. Patience is tested. Hearts can be heavy.

Just because something is simple does not automatically mean it is easy. This is hard work, being an entrepreneur and working for yourself. The days are long and often they just blend into the next.

Where is it that belief comes from that it can be such a fleeting emotion. When you have it there is an endlessness about it and then in the blink of an eye you’re left desperately searching for it again. That’s the truth about belief in anything, I think. We’re all tested to some degree in the areas of our lives where growth and pursuit are involved. Marriage, career, personal development, relationships, hobbies, etc. We have both come to understand the ebb and flow of belief; that belief will return, we just sometimes have to hold on and find ways to ground ourselves in the ‘in between’ time. A car can’t get very far running on empty!

Luckily, we have a few things in our lives that we can be grateful for

  • The ability to eat healthy, delicious food every day making meals from scratch from years of hard work studying ingredients and recipes. There is ease of it all now from the hard work of the past.
  • Our giant stash of essential oils we use and diffuse constantly, especially beneficial when belief is scarce and we need a pick me up or a calming rest. And… pretty much anything else in between
  • The internet, because without it our business wouldn’t be so simple
  • Sundays. My, how they have changed. It was a day to avoid responsibility. They have transformed from days of blatantly hiding from life to becoming the creators of it.

It is from gratitude that belief is ultimately restored.

With Purpose,


Stepping Stones

Over the summer last year we were looking through house designs on Pinterest trying to see if we could find the exact image of what we’d been visioning for our dream home. We each had clear thoughts of what specific parts of the house looked like, but obviously no way to show each other what we’d come up with since neither of us mastered anything more than stick figure drawings.

After spending years and months and weeks in the past searching for just the right fit we both said, “THERE!”. There it was, this house that looked nothing like we’d imagined but was everything we wanted and more. It was just right there and we both knew it the second it came into focus.

We envisioned a small walkway that separated two sides of the home; one for entertaining and another for living in. The house still had the picturesque-ness of the A-Frame/cabin style but with a modern twist that I think we both craved a teeny tiny bit of. What was most important when we first saw this image was that we had planned a gathering in our home within minutes and had already built LIFE into what this photo was showing us. We could already imagine us living our lives in this house. It was our Dream Home.

Dinner Party.jpg

So last night we stopped adding photos of the outside of homes to our Dream Home board on our Pinterest account. Our Dream Home has a face.

The next step is one we are so excited to be ready for. We found a site quite similar to Pinterest called Houzz that was recommended to us from a vendor at the Home And Garden Show in Calgary, AB a couple of years ago. It’s similar to Pinterest in that you select photos to add to different boards you can categorize and what not. How it differs, though, is that you can actually find companies or manufacturers who sell each of the items you’re looking for and you actually become invested in the intricate details that give character and personality to the bigger picture. For instance, one of the light fixtures we were looking at a while ago that we have saved in our Houzz account popped up today when we signed in to let us know that the seller has put this item on sale. How cool is that?

If we all took life in these stepping stones, think of the dreams we’d actually get to live out? Does Pinterest seem silly to you? Take a few days, weeks, months and think of one thing you really have to dream real big for and take our Pinterest challenge the way we did. Look at everything. Poor a glass of wine with your spouse and sit on the couch together. Search, “Dream House”. Put your plan on a dream board and let it actually transform into the realness it CAN be if only you let it.

Sometimes you can’t even see the next stone until you take the next step. The good news is you can always turn around but you won’t, because you’re not going that way.

With Purpose,



Read ’em and Weep

I couldn’t even finish reading this blog post to Colin without breaking down in sobs. In fact, I had to take a break for about a minute and try again. I waited all afternoon for some conclusion to just come to me and then the one that did seal the deal came from a far more emotional place than I thought this blog would evoke from me. Hence, Read ’em and Weep.

One of our favourite ways to learn and grow together as a couple and to better ourselves as entrepreneurs is to read. We have purchased plenty of books, especially since starting our business together in September of 2015. Colin enjoys watching videos of his mentors and consumes a lot of content this way as well as through audiobooks and podcasts. Tonia prefers a book in hand to leaf through. So we compromise.

After our work days dwindle down and dinner has been made, we serve up some herbal teas, snuggle up on the couch with our beagle, Jorja and read a book together. Before this became part of our routine it was a way to fill time on a long road trip for business. However, now it has become a part of our ‘you and me’ time that we feel has been so important to our marriage. If we’re consistently growing together this way, exploring new ideas and discussing them, we’re also learning one another’s perspective.

One of the most constructive ways we have developed content for our teams is through reading and putting together strategies through what we’ve learned. There are times we might read a chapter before we pause to take some notes together and consider the ideas presented in whatever book we happen to be reading. There have also been times where I’ve read one line out loud and closed the book! Have you ever read a one liner that just bowled you over like a freight train with the AHA moment-ness you’ve been searching for? They’re few and far between, but when they happen they are worthy of opening space to fully soak them up.

I wonder if, when we buy our land and build our dream home, we’ll continue to read together outside on our patio overlooking our great big yard. I bet we will. Perhaps though, the stories will have been written by us here that we will be re-reading to remind us of where we’ve been and how we got to where we’re going.

backyard with chairs.jpg

With Purpose,