Colin McArthur is the 'man behind the curtain' 

His primary role is web development and is the backend support for everything on! 

When he is not frantically keeping up with Tonia's website demands he can be found alongside the GetOiling Support team where he helps Internet Marketers build and develop their own websites and internet marketing brands

You can also find him on a stage in the Okanagan with his band Heatwave


How did I get here?

From 2006 to 2015, I worked next to my father in the fitness industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I worked for a Life Fitness dealer and did everything from deliveries to the warehouse to eventually working my way onto the sales floor. I wasn’t shown any favoritism even though my father was higher up in the company than I was and in fact, was made to have to prove myself harder than the rest.

So I did…..

I did deliveries for about 4 years and was always the guy on the heavy end of the treadmill. I knew I wanted more but also knew I had to work for it…and then one day I was given an opportunity to interview for a sales position. I got the job and ROCKED it! I was finally doing something that challenged me, full-filled me, and best of all paid very well!

As the years went on, something began to happen. My company began to fall apart internally. Owners fighting and manipulating staff, internal drama, tension around the office at all times, and worst of all for me, a sense of ‘why am I here? I have so much more to offer’. I felt alone and underutilized. I had skills and gifts that were going un-nurtured and when I asked to move into positions that I could utilize these skills I was told to ‘get back on the sales floor’

One day Tonia and I were chatting about our future and I said to her ‘I want to build something for myself and my family, on my own’. I needed to get out of the corporate world. Like so many people I was really struggling in that environment but had no idea how to give myself an opportunity with something else. And then Young Living came along….

Young Living perfectly matched our lifestyle, it stood for everything that we did, it gave us an opportunity to flex our entrepreneurial muscles and was our way out. So we dove in, head first! As this article The Washington Post points out, 71% of employees are unhappy with their current jobs for the EXACT same reason that I experienced. My biggest goal is to help those people discover that they can take charge of their lives and remove the need to ever be in that situation ever again!


How did I get here?

I live in West Kelowna which is in British Columbia, Canada. If you’ve never heard of it I highly recommend you take a quick moment to google it and you’ll understand why Tonia and I chose this area of Canada as our home. Very long summers, wineries, so many outdoor activities and of course the lake! We call it Canada’s California!

When I’m not busy playing in the water or sitting on a patio enjoying some Gewurztraminer I can be found on a stage somewhere
 playing music to anyone who might want to hear it. I’ve been a guitarist since I was 10 years old and love to entertain. In fact its one of the reasons I chose to work with Young Living as it gives me the time and financial freedom to pursue music for pleasure.

I am also a father to the sweetest little girl on the planet. Her name is Macy and you can find images of her plastered all over my Facebook page as I am one proud