Macy Juliette 
Hi, I’m Macy! I just turned 8 months old and my mama and daddy’s friends keep saying that’s when their own babies started sleeping through the night. We’ll see!

My favorite things to do are play my tambourine and sing while my daddy plays guitar, watch My Little Pony and mealtime! Oh, I love to eat. Don’t get me wrong, mummies nummies are still the best but I am loving blackberries, asparagus and oh my god, PICKLES!

Have you guys ever had pickled asparagus?! My mama gave me one and even though it made me shake a lot and squint my eyes, I couldn’t stop eating it!

Anyway, I really like to write emails to my friends and my daddy gave me my very own keyboard to use! I hope you like to learn about successful tips for grabbing everything in sight even though you’re apparently not supposed to, oh, and my favorite book, The Gruffalo, because those are my favorite things!

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