Tonia McArthur is the 'glue that holds our family together' 

Her primary role is education and training for!  

When she is not dropping knowledge to our wonderful communities you can find her on a beach somewhere soaking up some sun or at a winery studying and learning the never-ending world that the wine industry has to offer.  


How did I get here?

Many years ago I realized what it truly meant to be dispensable to your employer. After a few solid years in my position, I recognized a gap in the program we were offering to families and knew I would be a great fit for a position that didn’t exist at the time. After scheduling a meeting with the founder of the company, I gave a brief summary of my idea and asked for permission to work on a professional proposal, to which they agreed.

One month, many interviews with peers, and 60+ hours later, my proposal was complete. My employer then canceled our meeting, twice. When she finally did meet with me the environment felt different but after all of my hard work, I continued on with the proposal with all of the passion I had put into this project.

My employer took my proposal ideas and hired someone else for the position I created.

Prior to this experience I had worked as a bartender and waitress for 11 years, worked part-time as a freelance writer, and also started a company where I hosted a wine tasting educational events in the comfort of your home. Holy, were those ever so fun!

So, long story short, the entrepreneurial bug had already bitten me before. When this happened with my employer I felt betrayed and I vowed to never work for someone else ever again. While I have had one boss since then, I have also worked hard towards an incredible life of opportunities for myself and my family that affords us the ability to live life on our terms. The effort I put into serving my communities is all for them and all of that positive energy comes right back to me and my family in the most abundant of ways.

When you use your powers for good, you’ll come to find that is all that surrounds you. I’m no longer dispensable, I can’t “lose” my job and I have complete creative freedom. I am happy, passionate, fulfilled, and doing good in the world with limitless possibilities. All I had to do was break myself free from the idea that there were boundaries around me to begin with.