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Keyboard Shortcuts
One of the most effective ways to speed up your work session is to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts. This section will show you dozens of the most effective keyboard shortcuts on Windows and Apple Operating systems.

File Management
Having a system for organizing the files on your computer is essential to having an effective work session. You will never again waste time trying to locate a file on your computer. Think of us like the Marie Kondo of the files on your computer!
Software Tools
There are so many 3rd party tools out there to help make your life easier. We will show you which tools we prefer to use and why. 

Much More...
The best thing about ClickPro is that we are constantly adding to our courses. Because technology is always evolving, we are always adding to and updating our programs to keep up with the changing times. We also LOVE it when our clients make requests for training and education so our program will grow based on your needs! 

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