Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an NHP?  

According to Health Canada’s website, “Natural health products (NHPs) are naturally occurring substances that are used to restore or maintain good health. They are often made from plants, but can also be made from animals, microorganisms and marine sources. They come in a wide variety of forms like tablets, capsules, tinctures, solutions, creams, ointments and drops.”

2. What Young Living oils are approved as NHPs with Health Canada?

Angelica | Aroma Siez | AromaEase | Basil | Bergamot | Black Pepper | Cardamom | Carrot Seed | Cedarwood | Celery Seed | Citronella | Clary Sage | Clove | Cypress | Deep Relief | DiGize | Eucalyptus Globulus | Fennel | Geranium | German Chamomile | Ginger | Ginger | Grapefruit | Helichrysum | Jade Lemon | Jasmine | Laurus Nobilis | Lavender | Lemon | Lemongrass | Lime | Marjoram | Melissa | Myrrh | Myrtle | Neroli | Nutmeg | Orange | Palmarosa | Patchouli | Peace & Calming | Peppermint | Pine | R.C. | Relieve It | Rose | Rosemary | Sacred Frankincense | Sacred Sandalwood | Sage | Spearmint | Stress Away | Tea Tree | Thieves | Thyme | Vetiver | Wintergreen | Ylang Ylang

3. How do I identify NHP registered oils?

Young Living’s NHP registered oils will have a Natural Product Number (NPN) that will appear on the label. Which according to Health Canada’s website means, “… that the product has been authorized for sale in Canada and is safe and effective when used according to the instructions on the label.” In addition, NHP registered oils will display an expiration date. Young Living Canada’s NHP oils are currently registered under a three year expiry. Rest assured, there has been no change to the raw materials used to create our essential oils, or the way our oils are distilled, bottled, stored, or shipped. However, the registration of oils as NHPs means the addition of an expiry is required to ensure we meet all Health Canada requirements.

4. What am I allowed to say?

An NHP registration is not a green light to say whatever you want. It is however, an opportunity to share the oils you love with more aggressive approved claims. Health Canada has approved several claims for our NHP oils. Please reference the individual Product Pages online, as well as the product Usage Cards which you can download from the VO under Member Resources, NHP Tools.

5. Why am I now allowed to make these claims?

These oils are now registered as Natural Health Products (NHPs) with Health Canada. This means that each of Young Livings NHP essential oils have been reviewed by Health Canada, who determined that sufficient scientific evidence exists to substantiate that these oils can help restore, maintain, or improve health. With NHP registration comes an expanded claim vocabulary that is both compliant and powerful.

6. Has Health Canada approved these new claims?

Yes. The new product claims have been reviewed and approved by Health Canada.

7. What resources are available to train me and my team on this new lingo?

Download our Share The Canadian Way 2016 Product Guide companion, available for download under Member Resources, NHP Tools.

Visit our Natural Remedies webpage for claims by ailment, FAQs, and more. o Visit our NHP Tools page in your VO, under Member Resources, to access all NHP resources in one convenient place!

Download our NHP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the VO, under Member Resources, NHP Tools. o Download our NHP usage Cards ( available in the VO under Member Resources, NHP Tools)

Download the updated product images for each NHP oil. Available under Member Resources, NHP Tools. o Download the new product labels for each NHP via their Product Pages, or in the VO under Member Resources, NHP Tools.

Take the Sharing Young Living course in Young Living University, in the VO under Member Resources, Young Living University.

8. Can I make additional claims about all of the essential oils in the Canadian Market?

No. Not all Young Living Canada essential oils are registered as NHPs. If it is not an NHP oil, the claims remain limited to the existing topical, aromatic vocabulary.

9. Do these claims also apply to the US market?

No. NHP registrations are unique to Health Canada, and therefore Young Living Canada members. Our NHP registered oils give Canadian members a powerful voice when it comes to sharing essential oils. The US market will be envious of the new Canadian vocabulary, but they will not be able to share essential oils using Canada’s approved NHP claims.

10. I know certain NHP oils were first registered as cosmetics, and then registered as NHPs. Can I still use the approved topical, aromatic claims when sharing those oils?

Yes. You can share their existing topical, aromatic claims, plus their approved NHP claims.

11. When will other Young Living essential oils be registered as NHPs?

We are working on numerous NHP registrations, which we will roll out throughout the year. We are focused on restoring your voice, and NHP registrations are one way we are empowering you to grow your Young Living business.

12. The label on the NHP registered oil I just received doesn’t have a NPN number. It looks exactly like the old label. Is this a problem?

Oils first registered as cosmetics, and now registered as NHPs may ship with existing labels until inventory is exhausted. New NHP labels with the product’s Natural Product Number (NPN), and expiry will be flowing into the market over the next several weeks. While promoting these new claims online, please use the latest product graphics that feature the new look! Product graphics can be downloaded from the VO under Member Resources, NHP Tools. Users are encouraged to refer to individual product labels and to review carefully before use. The updated NHP labels can be downloaded from the NHP oil’s product page at, or through the VO under Member Resources, NHP Tools.

13. I have pictures of these oils on my website, social media accounts, in printed promotional materials, and more. Do I need to make any changes?

Once an oil is registered as an NHP, old artwork should no longer be used. Please only use pictures of the oil with the most current label. Updated NHP product artwork can be down loaded from the VO under Member Resources, NHP Tools. The updated NHP labels can be downloaded from the NHP oil’s product page at, or through the VO under Member Resources, NHP Tools.