Joy Essential Oil

Joyโ„ข is an uplifting blend of pure essential oils that creates magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart.

  • Produces an aroma that brings joy to the heart, mind, and soul
  • Supplies an uplifting aroma that can be enjoyed alone or combined with any YL personal care product
  • Contains Ylang Ylang essential oil, which inspires a romantic aromatic atmosphere
  • Creates a joyful and happy aromatic experience when applied to wrists or heart
Young Living Joy Essential Oil
Item No.
15 ml
$53.50 CAD
$70.39 CAD

How to use Joy Essential Oil

  • Apply Joy to your wrists and the back of your neck before going out for a fresh and natural floral perfume.
  • Place 2โ€“3 drops on a damp cloth and throw it in the dryer to help freshen your laundry.
  • Put a few drops in a warm bath for a spa-like experience and a blissful, relaxing aroma.
  • Diffuse Joy to create an atmosphere of happiness throughout your home during family gatherings and celebrations
  • Elevate game night at home with the warm, uplifting aroma
  • Transform your bedroom into a welcoming, floral-infused retreat
  • Brighten dull desk work or your midday slump at the office
  • Treat yourself to a steamy shower filled with comforting and enlivening floral-citrus notes.
  • Joy essential oil blend has an inspiring floral scent that can create a comforting environment when diffused and a pleasant aroma when applied with skin care products.

What is in Joy Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil, Ylang ylang Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Coriandrum sativumโ€  (Coriander) seed oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Anthemis nobilisโ€  (Roman chamomile) flower oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil

โ€ 100% pure, YLTG essential oil

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