The Good Healing Habit

Join our community of heart-centered people who are looking to heal themselves from the trauma that has negatively affected their lives. Our focus is to not live in the perpetual 5 stages of grief, but rather to heal so as to move on and live the extraordinary life you were meant to. 

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This is going to be one of the greatest groups and communities you’ve been a part of

How do I know that?

Well, for starters, we’re all going to be in it together and no one is going to be left behind!

How do I know that?

You’ve got skin in the game and that makes a difference!

There comes a time in our experience with grief and trauma where we recognize something has got to give. Nobody ever wants the symptoms trauma brings into our lives and those of our loved ones. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, years or maybe even decades before you understand the depth of those symptoms - or maybe that you have them at all. 

Friends would invite me to join support groups when my brother died, when my daughter was born and I suffered very unnecessary birth trauma, when I ended a relationship with my own mother. There’s a support group for everything, isn’t there? 

What I have noticed, though, is there doesn’t seem to be a next step. You’re stuck in a hamster wheel of perpetual grief and re-triggering stories over and over. 

If you’re like me, you might still be in some of those groups. It has been 12.5 years since my brother passed away and I am still in a sibling loss group. The posts are written by devastated brothers and sisters whose journeys have just begun and oh I wish I could hug them and tell them where they could be in 12.5 years if they chose to be, but what I have to offer isn’t for those brothers and sisters in their time of grief. 

What I can do to serve people and serve them well, is to offer a community of people from any walk of life, no matter your trauma, to join us in our healing journeys. You’re ready. It’s time to slow down, take a deep look inside and remember who you are. Learn who you can be again. 

When we suffer from trauma and grief, time can stand still for us for a long time. We can forget that we deserve to live our extraordinary lives. We feel guilt, shame, anger, or maybe we feel absolutely nothing at all. Something gently shakes us and breaks that outer coating of numbness from us in our season of spring. Some people choose to ignore their spring season and live in the winter forever, but that’s not me and it’s not you, not anymore, is it?

I want more for my life than to live in my past and I want that for you, too. 

The Good Healing Habit was created to do just that.

This community will help to build your confidence in your own ability to choose the right healing path. We will support you, guide you, offer monthly live discussions with a trauma and grief counsellor, and other professionals and healers joining us. You’ll hear from me a minimum of four times a week with actionable items and discussions to help you along in your journey. We talk about different resources, new perspectives and new ways to move together, through our healing.

You will find your true value again. You will live your extraordinary life again. We can’t wait to welcome you.

So now, the goods! What is The Good Healing Habit valued at?

The Good Healing Habit is a monthly subscription or membership program and the first 50 people to join will do so at our introductory rate of $25 USD per month for the first 6 months! 

Your first processing day solidifies your pay-by date moving forward. And that’s a wrap. 

Let’s get started, guys. 

We have important work to do!