With all of the Young Living distributors out there its hard to know which team to choose and why. While joining a good friend of yours may seem like the best option, you first should consider what your goals and aspirations for making this lifestyle change are.

Also by joining another team you do not get access to us.  If you do join with another team we unfortunately cannot help you and would have to direct you to ask your question to your sponsor.  We can only make time for those members who are apart of our organization. Friends and family have chosen to open accounts with a friend at work or a neighbor and were disappointed to find that there wasn't access to a support system, let alone any form of customer service. This is what separates us, Tonia & Colin, and what separates Team ESOS, from other organizations.

We have heard the story of 'I joined with Young Living but I had no support' time and time again. We have members on our team who previously joined with someone else to find that they couldn't have even the most basic of answers given to them. Eventually their accounts went inactive and we were able to help them rejoin because we support our members the entire way through

Why Join Us?

Team ESOS was first developed over 3 years ago and in that short amount of time the team has accomplished some big things. We have a fast growing community of people just like you all of whom have seen some huge results for both customers and business builders alike. This team was created because there wasn't a training system in place when we started, we had to create it. We did that so when people just like you decided it was the right time, we would be ready to guide you, help you, show you how - train you - to use your essential oils and products to their fullest potential. To show you everything Young Living has to offer you and your family. To walk you through the compensation plan and show you what was possible. We are dedicated to our people and will always do our very best to offer the best support we can. It's what we stand for.

Our customers are an incredibly loyal and inquisitive bunch and because we have done the work ahead of time, it's easy for our new members to jump on board and learn quickly. We quite regularly see people within a very short amount of time take advantage of our Essential Rewards Program. This is because after joining our community they are immediately shown the incredible value of what Young Living offers and how impactful their essential oils and essential oil infused products are for their families. For your family.

Our business builders are professional, intelligent and conduct themselves with the highest integrity.  Because Team ESOS leaders conduct themselves in this way, we are seeing huge growth as a team. Each month we are witness to more and more people climbing the ranks within the company's compensation plan. This gives people the opportunity to help others understand the Young Living lifestyle all while taking home a few extra dollars, or more. There's no one who can decide what level of income you'd like to earn, or even if you do at all. Completely your choice, but the point is that the training and the choice is there waiting for you, if you do.

Who is this Team ESOS?

The ESOS stands for Empowerment, Support, Opportunity and Success! It's our motto and the 4 pillars by which our team functions. We empower our members and support them through their understanding and use of the oils which gives them the best possible opportunity for success. Your success is our only concern!

Success to some may mean different things to some than to others. Some people just want to know how to use the oils to help them sleep better or maybe they want to transition into a toxin free home. Others may want to understand how they can share the oils and make a few dollars while doing so. The journey will be different for everyone and we can help with it all!

Young Living's vision is to have essential oils into every home in the world and in order to do that you must first understand why and how you should use them. This information is given to you from a well established and professional team. Essential oil education and safety should be one of the highest priorities for your team and your members. As an example, we adhere to the teachings of Aromatherapists and not distributors. Unfortunately, as is the case in many industries, some distributors aren't properly educated so a big part of our teachings is to empower you to do the research, or at least have the proper tools at hand. Aromatherapists understand topics such as dilution ratios, when to topically apply vs inhalation, ingesting essential oils,  photosensitive oils, use around pets and many other topics that you need to understand in order to keep your family safe and healthy. We learn from them and bring what we know back to our community.


Everyone wants to feel like they belong. By joining the Team ESOS community you will immediately be welcomed with open arms. We want you to feel like you belong because, you do! You can be sure that someone in our community of several hundred people will be able to help you with any of your questions. We have leaders who are experts in essential oil safety, toxin free living, beauty, makeup, DIY recipes, Seed to Seal, Young Living Farms, Natural Health Products, Policies and Procedures, supplementation, hair care, company history...everything that you need in order to best provide for yourself and your family.

How do we deliver you this information?

In several ways. Once you enrol with one of our Team ESOS leaders you will immediately be invited and welcomed into our secret Facebook community page. No one other than our Team has access to this page and no one outside of our Team is given access to this group. Why? We pride ourselves on the quality of information that we share in this group and that cannot be given away to just anyone. We have spent many years developing classes, handouts, graphics and more for our community. Those who join our community have access to it all.

Once in our community page you are free to roam as you will. We recommend that you look into the 'files' section of the group as there is plenty of material in there to help you get started. If you purchased a Premium Starter Kit then we recommend that you read the file 'Everyday Uses for Young Livings Premium Starter Kit' along with the 'Introduction to YL' file. Both of those will help get you on your way. If you need help finding them then please message the person who enrolled you or feel free to reach out to Tonia or Colin. We are always available to help.

Please feel free to interact, engage, ask questions, and absolutely treat the community page as if it was your own! After all, it is.

Team ESOS Community

Customer Support 
Our secret Facebook community page is full of information that will ensure that you get the best education on Young Living. We delivery this in several ways ranging from regular live video's done by your Young Living leadership team, handout's in the form of PDF's that can be downloaded and printed off as needed, weekly newsletters keeping you informed of new product information and promotions and more. Most importantly this Facebook page is an open forum for conversation. You are encouraged to communicate as much as you feel comfortable. The more you ask questions and engage in the group the more you will get out of it

Team Esos Leadership Community

Business Builder Support
Our Team ESOS community page is where all of our leaders get together and talk about building a business with Young Living. We help each other and share strategies of what works. There is also continued training inside the group that will teach you more about the compensation plan, strategies for maximizing your commission, attraction marketing and much more


We offer training in many formats and we customize that to your exact needs and wants. Are you a person who likes to read? Then we've got handouts for you. Do you prefer to watch videos? We've got plenty of those as well. Do you prefer to have a back and forth discussion with someone? We can do that too!

We offer training for both customers and business builders and can deliver it however you would like. We offer classes both online and in person, we have many videos available for you, we do live videos on the regular, we can have a one on one zoom call, we have weekly leadership newsletters, we have business courses that we have developed specifically for Young Living offered through Teachable, we have handouts that you can read, graphics for you to view, everything you can think of. You can even call us on the phone! We would love to talk on the phone with you!

Essential Oils Online Education

Customer Training 
Our customers can take advantage of hours of training developed by your Young Living leadership team. Our passionate and knowledgeable team have developed a wide range of classes covering many different topics. Classes ranging from how to use your essential oils, safety, premium starter kits, thieves line, supplements, company history, farms, seed to seal and much more are available for you and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home

business Builder Training

Business Builder Training 
For some, building a business with Young Living is something that they would love to do but have no idea how to get started. We understand, we've been there ourselves. Which is why we developed a training program for all of those who want to get started generating and income with Young Living. By taking our courses you will be able to authentically share Young Living with people without feeling 'salesy'

Continued Support

On top of all of the above you will also have direct access to us, Tonia and Colin. We are available at all times for your questions. Our team has direct access to us at all times and has our undivided attention. We love learning and love to share what we have learned even more so don't be afraid to ask.

One-on-one video calls

Customer Support/Business Builder Training
For more advanced and in depth conversations we love to have regular Zoom calls with both our clients and leaders. These calls are our favorite way to help you with your goals so don't be afraid to ask us for help!

Weekly Newsletters

Business Builder Training
We send out weekly 'training minis' which are a summary of the weeks lessons and strategies that our team has learned. We want you to be as successful as possible and this is just another way we can help