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Let’s get a little serious for a second…

We talk an awful lot about personal development, living a clean and healthy life and the importance of building a strong marriage with your partner but there’s one thing that really fires us up more than anything. Helping others do the same thing as us!


Team ESOS – Empowerment, Support, Opportunity, Success


For most of our lives we’ve always knew we wanted more but didn’t have the courage to step into those new shoes. Lets be honest, its scary, unknown, uncomfortable and just plain hard. But what lies on the other end of hard work is something that is accessible to all of us, you just have to be willing to take the leap of faith

Now that we have taken the necessary steps towards our dream life we have to admit something, its not that scary. Its actually rather fun. There’s a great clip on YouTube of Will Smith talking about facing your fears in life that really speaks loudly to us.

To some people, empowerment might be a few extra dollars to help cover the car payment while others want to live entirely on their own terms free of a boss or someone telling them what to do. There is no right or wrong in this area, only what matters to you!

Let us help to empower you to take those first steps out of the airplane…


You’ve jumped! Great!

Now comes some of the hard work. We want to ensure that you have the proper support and training to maximize your success. This can be very hard work with lots of emotional ups and downs. Many people say ‘I wish I could be free enough to travel when I want’ or ‘I wish I could work from home’ but when it comes time to actually go for it the shy away because of the grind. We can help you during those times, we’ve been there, we know what its like

We support our teams with:

  • Teachable Courses
  • Facebook Leadership Community Groups
  • Accountability Buddies
  • Marketing and Brand Training
  • Direct access to us at all times


You’ve taken the leap and have all the tools necessary to start building this life you’ve always wanted. Now comes the opportunity you’ve been waiting for

The funny thing about opportunity is that its always there, right in front of you. It shows up in little signs every day however its still not yours until you claim it. You have to take the action required to take that opportunity as your own.

Life is always trying to give you what you are asking for but you have to be bold enough to take action when its presenting itself to you


Success is now within your grasp. Here’s the funny thing about success. It comes in little victories. No one ever and I emphasize EVER wakes up and is suddenly successful. Years and years of consistent, hard work and dedication will bring little victories that add up to big wins over time

Its your turn to start your journey

Are you just going to sit there and let the opportunity pass you by or are you going to take ownership and do something about it?

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